Creative Biostructure Released a Guideline for Sample Preparation of NMR Services

January 18th, 2018 – Creative Biostructure, a standing supplier in the field of structural biology, released a guideline for its NMR sample preparation in order to make it easier for customers to understand and process its NMR service.

“NMR should be one of the most popular services among our various services. With the faith of ‘serving customers in a professional way’, it is necessary for us to carry out the guideline for sample preparation of NMR services,” said Dr. Jeff, senior scientist in Creative Biostructure.

NMR technique plays a very crucial role in analysis of pharmaceuticals, screening weak-binding compounds and the drug-like inhibitors for drug discovery. What NMR services in Creative Biostructure can do is including but not limited to:

Chemical composition analysis

Reaction kinetics examination

Dynamic, disorder analysis

Isotope-labeled protein production

NMR mapping for living cells

The main four steps for NMR workflow in Creative Biostructure are sample preparation, data acquisition, spectral processing and expert analysis. Due to its popularity, scientists from Creative Biostructure released a NMR sample preparation guideline, which can also be found on its website:

  • Labeling with isotopes: isotope enrichment, such as 15N, 13C, 31P, 19F, is needed for protein NMR spectroscopy. Of course, other isotope-labeled samples are also acceptable.
  • Size: for nmr sample, the molecular weight of biomacromolecule is typically less than 50KDa for high-resolution structure elucidation. Large proteins or complexes can be studied to identify ligand/drug-binding site or to characterize the physical state.
  • Amount: for solution NMR, a sample typically contains 1-10 mg/ml or 0.3 mM purified protein in a suitable buffer. As for solid-state NMR, large amount of samples are required. Detailed information should be discussed.
  • Stability: for most in-depth studies by NMR, the protein needs to be stable for several days at room temperature for data acquisition.

This guideline for NMR sample preparation can make it more convenient for customers to discuss with scientists in Creative Biostructure. And it is better for scientists to deal with all kinds of projects, so that customers can enjoy the most professional NMR service.

It is believed guidelines for other services/products, such as electron microscope, x-ray crystallography and so on will be released. 

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