Creative Biostructure Introduces X-ray Crystallography Platform for Structural Biology Projects

Creative Biostructure, an expert in the supplying of products and services for structural biology studies, recently built X-ray Crystallography Platform to provide support to customers from both industry and academia for their structural biology projects.

Scientists in this field can have access to Creative Biostructure’s state-of-the-art tools and identify and optimize crystallization conditions as well as X-ray diffraction data processing for any macromolecule of interest.

X-ray crystallography is one of the most favored techniques for the determination of the atomic structure of proteins, nucleic acids and other molecules. This platform in Creative Biostructure is equipped with highly specialized instruments for X-ray diffraction studies, including multipurpose diffractometers, nano-liter crystallization robots, high-throughput liquid handling robots and high-resolution imaging systems. With advanced equipment and experienced crystallographers, the company is able to set up crystallization experiments with a minimum amount of protein and to store and monitor crystallization trials at different conditions.

“We are quite pleased for the introduction of this novel platform. By utilizing the high-throughput crystallization method. Our platform can support a non-stop pipeline including all the stages involved in the structure determination of peptides, proteins and other macromolecules as well as their complexes with small molecules and nucleic acids. We do believe with the help of this platform, we can help assist and accelerate our customers’ research progress.” Commented Joanna, Creative Biostructure’s representative.

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ABOUT Creative Biostructure
Creative Biostructure is specialized in providing contract services to both academia and biotech/pharmaceutical industries in the field of structural biology. We offer insightful strategies and cost-effective services on structure determination of macromolecules using X-ray Crystallography, EM, NMR, etc.

Creative Biostructure has built up a unique and comprehensive Membrane Protein Service platform. Aiming at elucidating the fundamentals of membrane protein systems, we provide gene-to-structure services on the purification, crystallization, structure determination and analysis of various membrane proteins.
With a team of experienced professionals, Creative Biostructure can conduct the structural and functional studies on unknown GPCRs, ion channels, transporters, enzymes and viral targets.

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