Creative Biolabs Updates Antibody Design and Conjugation Services

New York, April 23, 2019 As a rich-experienced antibody company engaged in antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) fields, Creative Biolabs recently updated the antibody design and conjugation service to better satisfy the different needs of global clients.

Antibody-drug conjugates refer to complex molecules composed of a monoclonal antibody, a cytotoxic payload, and a molecular linker that covalently bridges the other two components.  It is a novel therapeutic application to combine the antitumor activity of antibodies with the killing effects of some chemical drugs. A high-quality ADC should be chemically and physiologically stable in blood stream, exert similar antigen binding pattern compared with the unconjugated antibody, and exhibit desired payload toxicological effects once internalized.

The ADC design is a complicated process that involves careful planning, meticulous execution, and intensive trouble-shooting, requiring a professional platform, rich reserve of knowledge and expert skills. Scientists at Creative Biolabs are experienced in performing antibody conjugation service including Lysine conjugation (amine reaction), Cysteine conjugation (thiol reactions) and Tyrosine conjugation to create ADCs using endogenous amino acids.

To reduce the heavily dispersed drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR) caused by the non-uniform distribution of the conjugation sites when using endogenous amino acids, Creative Biolabs has explored and updated a variety of methodologies in antibody design and engineering to introduce a series of specific and chemically versatile conjugation sites into the antibody sequences:

  • Incorporating Cysteine residues into defined sites on an antibody to create thiol-engineered antibody (EnCys-mAb) and conjugate payload drugs onto those Cysteine residues via thiol-based chemistry.
  • Integrating unnatural amino acids (UAAs), such as p-Acetyl Phenylalanine into antibody sequences via amber stop codon-mediated transcription
  • Developing enzyme-mediated modification and conjugation system to help generate ADCs with specific conjugation sites.
  • Creating a “cave” on the desired locations on an antibody to facilitate meditope trapping and subsequently, achieving site-specific meditope-based conjugations.
  • Utilizing the self-splicing inteins and engineer intein-fusion antibodies, thereby achieving C-terminal specific antibody modification and yielding conjugation DAR at 1 or 2.


“Alongside the efforts of antibody engineering, we also apply several enzymatic or physical approaches to affording site-specific antibody-drug conjugations by modifying the carbohydrate moiety via galactosidases and galactosyltransferases or photo-crosslinking indole-3-butyric acid containing linkers onto antibody nucleotide binding site.” Added a scientist in Creative Biolabs.

Advanced antibody design platform and services from Creative Biolabs will become the best companion in creating a chemically compatible antibody for the conjugation chemistry.  More detailed information can be found at



With more than a decade of exploration and expansion, Creative Biolabs provides current research and service capacity that covers the entire new drug discovery and development pipeline, ranging from early discovery, pre-clinical evaluations, cGMP manufacturing, to clinical trials. As an international cooperation, Creative Biolabs established offices all around the globe with more than 200 well-trained full-time scientists and technicians, who work closely with customers and research partners to develop new medicines for a better, healthier world. After years of pursuit for perfection, Creative Biolabs has established leadership in targeted immunotherapy and antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) development. They offer customers comprehensive one-stop-shop of all aspects in ADC research and evaluation, ranging from antigen selection, antibody production/optimization, payload-linker synthesis, ADC conjugation, to various stages of ADC characterization and pre-clinical evaluation.

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