Creative Biolabs Releases Brand New CellRapeutics™ TCR Technology

New York, March 20, 2019 Creative Biolabs, a leading custom service provider in the field of T cell receptor (TCR) development, releases a brand new CellRapeutics™ TCR Technology Platform, covering TCR-T cell construction, TCR validation and TCR analysis


First of all, the generation of sufficient reactive T cells plays a fundamental role in the immunotherapies of many diseases. Altering the specificity of T cell receptor (TCR) is one of the popular strategies to genetically modify T cells for enhancing their tumor-killing activity. In Creative Biolabs, TCR-T cell construction services cover every unit, from epitope identification, TCR engineering to a series of validation assays. To construct TCR-modified T cells, genes encoding the α- and β-chains of TCR are isolated from T cells that are reactive to tumors and then transduce T cells or their precursors. Such TCR-modified T cells have been used in clinic and shown reactivity to tumor cells in vitro, induce antitumor effects in vivo.


“To make sure to obtain high-quality TCR-modified T cells prior to scientific studies, a serial assay of TCR validation is needed. We offer a series of assays for TCR validation including transgene expression assay, cytokines release assay, TCR/CD3ζ stability assay, Lymphocyte culture and proliferation assay, TCR pairing and so on. More than that, we can tailor a full range of validation assay strategy for clients’ objective.” introduced by a scientist in Creative Biolabs.


“Our scientists can expertly carry out custom TCR analysis services which include TCR-repertoire sequencing, TCR Vβ Repertoire Analysis, MHC-peptide tetramer, TCR clonality assessment and Clonality quantitation and CDR3 size diversity determination. Meanwhile, a novel assay technique has been developed to overcome the shortcoming of traditional techniques (e.g. flow cytometry and PCR) in TCR clonality assessment. We guarantee that reliable, rapid, sensitive and quantitative analysis will be performed throughout the whole TCR assay project.”


For each TCR project, Creative Biolabs will present and deliver a comprehensive report including detailed procedures and results for your project, such as analytical methods, all analysis results, appropriate graphs and calculations. All raw data is also available upon request. More details can be found on


About Creative Biolabs

As a global company, Creative Biolabs has more than 200 talented and well-trained scientists located in different continents working closely with partners from the entire world to develop and produce medicines of tomorrow. Specifically, the established leading experts in TCR and CAR T&NK cell immune therapy development offer the one-stop custom services that cover the entire new drug development pipeline, and an exclusive line of ready-to-use TCR and CAR-T&NK cell construction products, such as virus packaging, purification, expansion and titer determination kits. Furthermore, a unique unparalleled CAR construction and production platform has been built up for all four CAR generations.


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