Creative Biolabs Released TCR Repertoire Sequencing Service

Creative Biolabs released TCR repertoire sequencing service.

Based on its Magic Platform, scientists from Creative Biolabs has developed Magic TCR repertoire sequencing service, which can sequence CDR regions of the whole four types of TCR chains, α, β, γ, and δ.

By integrating the next generation sequencing (NGS) technology and other specific techniques into the Magic platform, Creative Biolabs helps in increasing the high-throughput sequencing capacity. Apart from large-scale sequencing, this platform can also be specially designed for certain service. The Magic IR-seq platform allows RNA from human or mice as a template to amplify and sequence the CDR of whether α, β, γ or δ chain of TCR. Researchers can obtain the sequence data of whole covered CDR 3 regions of the interested TCR chain from either human or mice which involves most of the hypermutation information. 

The effective TCR repertoire is quite important in the adaptive immune system. TCR locating on the T-cell surface is responsible for interacting with peptide fragments of antigens that bound to MHC molecules. Generally, most of the TCRs consist of an α chain and a β chain as a heterodimer, and a minority of them are formed by a γ chain and a δ chain as an alternative. α/β TCR accounting for 95% and γ/δ TCR 5% for a healthy human. However, the proportion between α/β TCR and γ/δ TCR is different due to ontogenesis, disease influences or different species.

Similar to half of the Fab fragment of an antibody, each TCR chain is composed of a constant and a variable region which has also three complementarity determining regions (CDRs). Meanwhile, the TCR α and γ chain are generated by VJ recombination just like the light chain of an antibody, and the β chain and δ chain undergo VDJ recombination which is similar to the heavy chain of an antibody. It is during this rearrangement mechanism that the nucleotide additions or deletions at the junctions endow the TCR repertoire with essential diversity. 

“In this way, the sequencing and analysis of TCR repertoire is a meaningful direction to enhance the understanding of the immune system”, said Dr. Monika Müller, scientific officer of Creative Biolabs, “especially under different stimulations such as infections, autoimmune diseases and cancers”. 

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