Creative Biolabs Released Antibody Production Service for Antibody Research Use

With its technical scientists and unique optimized protocols, Creative Biolabs is now able to provide high efficiency antibody production services in all kinds of expression systems.

To further support the manufacture of antibody in various application areas, Creative Biolabs offers comprehensive services for antibody production, including sequence optimization, gene synthesis and antibody purification and expression.

Backed up by years of experience and constantly updated techniques, Creative Biolabs can rapidly evaluate and identify the optimal expression condition for a candidate antibody to meet its customer’s special requirements. In addition, production and purification of bispecific antibody, recombinant IgG, scFv, Fab and single domain antibodies are also included on its service portfolio.

Scientists of Creative Biolabs developed the following expression systems:

Expression of antibody in Bacteria, including secreting expression in periplasm of E. coli, soluble expression in cytoplasm of E. coli and insoluble expression as inclusion bodies.

Expression of antibody in Mammalian Cells, including transient expression using CHO or 293 cells, and sustainable expression in stable CHO cells or cell line of your choice to select high expressers.
Expression of antibody in Insect Cells.
Expression of antibody in Yeast.
A customized purification process.

“We are so confident that we can meet up with current market needs, because our services are qualified with high purity, high expression levels, short production time, low endotoxicity, extensive cloning experience and competitive price”, introduced Monika, scientific officer of Creative Biolabs.

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is specialized in providing custom biotechnology and pharmaceutical services that cover the full scope of biotechnology needs of early antibody drug discovery and development, such as antibody production services and antibody synthesis. As a trusted provider of the most cost-effective outsourcing solutions, Creative Biolabs has been working for a large number of satisfied clients from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as government and academic research laboratories all over the world.

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