Creative Biolabs Launches Superb Viral Vaccine Service

New York, US – Dec 25, 2018 – Creative Biolabs, an outstanding vaccine supplier, has made its optimal viral vaccine service available to the public, for the purpose of preventing viral infections.

The viral vaccine can be categorized into two types, that is, vaccines containing attenuated viruses and vaccines with inactivated viruses. Losing the ability to cause diseases, the viruses in the attenuated or live vaccines can stimulate the body to induce an immune response. On the contrary, the inactivated or killed viral vaccines contain viruses impotent to replicate themselves. Since few drugs have been found efficacious in treating viral infections, prevention by means of vaccination is of vital significance, which motivates Creative Biolabs to launch its viral vaccine service.

Both attenuated and inactivated vaccines have been utilized to prevent or cure diseases. Generally, attenuated vaccines are preferable to inactivated vaccines because the former renders the body protected for a longer period by stimulating the immune system to generate more IgA antibodies than the latter. On the other hand, the inactivated vaccines may be inadequately inactivated. The attenuated vaccines, however, have their own defects, too.

“We need to take three concerns into account when using the attenuated vaccines. First, will the viruses cause diseases in the immunized individual? The attenuated viruses in the vaccine are potentially pathogenic in a host with reduced immunity. What’s worse, no test has been prepared to determine whether the attenuated virus reverts to virulence or not in the body. That’s why live viral vaccines are prohibited drugs for immunocompromised people or pregnant women (the fetus may thus be infected). Second, the vaccine may be excreted by the immunized person. Contamination occurs when a virulent poliovirus revertant spreads to a susceptible person. Third, the vaccine can possibly be contaminated by other viruses in the cell cultures. Undoubtedly, this would lead to viral infection.” a scientist from Creative Biolabs pointed out.

“In terms of vaccine design, there are two types of vaccines. One is the pathogen-based vaccine, such as viral vaccines and bacterial vaccines. The other is the target-based vaccine, including therapeutic cancer vaccines, which can induce specific immunity against tumor issues while sparing normal ones. This process results in tumor lysis accompanied with a persistent immunological memory avoiding tumor recurrence and metastasis.”

There’s no denying that prevention is the better approach than treatment in protecting human health. In preventing viral infections, viral vaccines play a critical role. Due to the very reason, vaccine technology has developed fast over the last decade. By combining the traditional with the most updated genetic engineering technologies, Creative Biolabs offers comprehensive vaccine design and production services to satisfy the current medical demands.

Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs, headquartered in New York, is a leading custom service provider in the field of vaccine development, preclinical assessment and GMP manufacturing. Its service portfolio covers custom vaccine design ranging from vaccine target validation to vaccines targeting bacterial, viral, fungal, parasites and cancer markers. 

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