Creative Biolabs Introduces Featured Antibody Drug Conjugate Manufacturing Service

New York, US – Dec 25, 2018 – Creative Biolabs, a company that specializes in antibody biochemistry and engineering, recently introduced its featured antibody drug conjugate (ADC) manufacturing service. Thanks to its advanced ADC technologies, the company is also capable of offering its global customers the superb antibody and linker design services.

The ADC is of increasing significance as a targeted therapy for cancers, fungal or bacterial infections, cardiovascular disorders, and immune diseases. Unfortunately, its hazardous toxicity poses huge challenges to its manufacturers, because they need to ensure the whole production process aseptic while keeping the occupational exposure limit (OEL) below 50ng/m3 all the way. This is particularly tough when it comes to its large-scale manufacturing. Generally, ADC manufacturing is divided into three stages—antibody manufacturing, organic synthesis, and conjugation, purification and filling.

“In terms of ADC manufacturing, we enjoy many advantages. First, we have an advanced antibody manufacturing platform, which enables us to prepare therapeutic antibodies or recombinant proteins with the help of plenty expression systems, such as hybridoma, mammalian cell lines, insect cell cultures, and microbial expression systems. Second, our organic synthesis chemistry pipeline is well-established, making it possible for us to prepare linker molecules bearing diverse release mechanisms and modify payload drugs with desired conjugation chemistry. Alternatively, with the pipeline we also can generate payload derivatives for drug development and formulate the drug-linker complex for ADC manufacturing. Third, our company has been equipped with the latest filtering devices, advanced single-use chromatography systems and sterile filling pipelines to select the purified ADC products,” a scientist from Creative Biolabs said.

“For an ADC project, antibody conjugation is a prerequisite. As a major component of the ADC, the antibody is responsible for delivering the cytotoxic drug. Currently, we manage to adopt both engineering and physical approaches to make the delivery as precise as possible. So far, our company has succeeded in keeping the distribution of the drug-to-antibody ratio at one or two. The success is distributed to our selection of the suitable antibody drug conjugate linker, which has a critical impact on the stable and efficient delivery of the cytotoxic drug to the target cells. To obtain the optimal linkers, firstly, we design linkers based on the biological nature of the target cells, the characteristics of the antibody, as well as the structure of the drug molecule. Then, we implement efficacy and toxicity assessments for each individual ADC construct. Thus, we can safely say our antibody conjugation is quite successful.”

Creative Biolabs surely owns a powerful technical platform for ADC manufacturing. With the top-notch platform, the company can produce recombinant antibodies, protein conjugates and ADCs that all meet the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards. Considering the huge potential of the ADC for cancer treatment, large-scale ADC manufacturing will be a trend in the near future. Therefore, the introduction of the company’s featured ADC manufacturing service is going to satisfy the market demand at the moment.

About Creative Biolabs

Established in 2004, Creative Biolabs is an expert in the field of advanced antibody biochemistry and engineering. Through more than a decade of exploration and expansion, its service portfolio has covered the entire new drug discovery and development pipeline, ranging from early discovery, pre-clinical evaluations, cGMP manufacturing, to clinical trials.

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