Creative Biolabs Developed Antibody Modification and Conjugation Service

Creative Biolabs has developed various strategies for antibody modification and conjugation in antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) development. With professional equipments, advanced techniques and wide antibody platforms, scientists and technicians from Creative Biolabs can perform custom-designed ADCs according to specific requirements.

Antibodies and antibody based reagents are necessary biological tools in identifying targeted molecular species, including proteins, peptides, virus and many small molecules. Recent years, many therapeutic antibodies have been developed as effective bio-drugs. Surface modified and bio-conjugated antibodies have tremendous applications for ehanced stability, sensitivity and additional functionalities in their use as diagnostics and therapeutics.


As a novel strategy in the therapy of various diseases, ADCs has received much attention in recent years. It performs targeted therapy owing to the specificity of the monoclonal antibody moiety and the cytotoxicity of the payloads.


Most of ADCs in current oncology clinical trials are canonical IgGs and are built on IgG1 scaffolds. One of the most critical principles to select antibodies and perform conjugation is that the biophysical integrity of antibodies should not be affected. In order to select an optional antibody efficiently for ADC development, universal ADCs are used. Universal ADCs use secondary antibodies to conjugate with the desired payloads and work as an optimized tool for antibody high-throughput pre-screening. After that, monoclonal antibody modification and conjugation will be performed.

According to the different reactive sites, the conjugation strategies can be classified into non-specific conjugation through native residues, site-specific conjugation through genetically engineered sites and UV cross-linking. Non-specific conjugation technologies are based on the principle of utilizing reactive side chains of naturally occurring amino acids, such as lysine and cysteine. Site-specific conjugation can increase the site specificity of ADC conjugation by altering amino acid sequence to introduce reactive handles. UV cross-linking is also a site-specific conjugation but does not require genetic engineering or pre-activated scaffolds. It is suitable to the payloads featuring a UV reactive indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) moiety.

“Based on the characteristics of antibodies and specific requirements of clients, we can select the most appropriate conjugation strategy for the ADCs of your interest”, said Professor Monika, scientific officer of Creative Biolabs.

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Creative Biolabs is a biotech products provider from New York. Over the last decade, Creative Biolabs has been a leader of recombinant antibody (rAb) discovery and manufacturing, providing high quality service to customers in academia and industry fields all over the world.

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