Creative Biogene Recommends MiRNA Research Strategy

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of endogenous small non-coding RNAs in eukaryotes with a length of about 17 ~ 25 BP. Since the discovery of miRNA in 1993, the progress of the small RNA field has subverted our understanding of gene regulation. MiRNA plays an important role in a series of physiological and pathological processes from embryonic development to apoptosis and even tumor growth. MiRNA, which is related to genetics, metabolism, infectious diseases and tumors, provides a new perspective for scientists to carry out pathological research, and is expected to become a reliable biomarker of disease.

Various miRNAs related to inheritance, metabolism, infectious disease and tumor provide a new angle for the pathological study of scientists and are expected to be a reliable biomarker for disease. Scientists are also actively seeking new treatments for disease interventions by changing the function of miRNA and developing new in vivo delivery methods. More about miRNA remain to be explored, and Creative Biogene will walk with you.

Research design

Target miRNA screening: new generation sequencing: SmallRNA sequencing

MiRNA microarray

High-throughput selection of miRNA library

Detection of miRNA and target gene expression level: qPCR

Bioinformatics analysis

MiRNA expression difference analysis

MiRNA target gene prediction

TF-miRNA-mRNA regulatory network

Prediction of related miRNA by UTR region of mRNA

In Vitro experimental functional verification

Functional acquired study: mimic

Functional impairment study: inhibitor

Target gene validation: 3’ UTR reporter gene vector

Functional study of miRNA target gene

Experimental verification in vivo

Animal model construction

High expression of microRNA: agomir

Inhibition of miRNA in vivo: antagomir

Inhibition of siRNA in vivo by chemical modification

Detection of various indexes such as physiology and biochemistry by miRNA target gene

Creative Biogene recommends the perfect miRNA research program to cover the various products and services required from miRNA target to functional validation study.

According to experiment and cycle requirements of customer, we design experiments according to the specific experiment stage or test requirements, and complete the miRNA service of a whole process specified by the customer.

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