Creative Biogene: Do You Know about Gene Editing Technology?

Do you think that AIDS, cancer and other illness can be cured? Can you want easily get rid of bald, obese and other “imperfect” appearance? Do you imagine that you can rejuvenate your child? Through gene editing technologies, these visions may be possible to achieve. Today, Creative Biogene brings you take a brief look at the gene editing technology.

What is gene editing technology? It is the “scissors” scientist used to cut the gene.

Gene editing technology is the scissors of human to cut genes. The technology began from the gene targeting technology in the last century 80’s; After 2000, ZFN and TALEN technologies can achieve high efficient genome shear; after 2012, the third generation of gene editing technology CRISPR appeared.

CRISPR/Cas 9 Knockout technology is one of the most advanced “gene scissors” used by scientists today. By using this “scissors”, scientists can accurately transform any piece of gene. Previously, most of the animal cells edited by the “gene scissors” were partially remnant, for example, the target gene in a part of the cells had not been completely knocked out through knockout detection.

What is the use of gene editing technology? It may can rewrite the life script.

A gene is a “life code” that stores human genetic information. The development of gene editing technology allows scientists to read “life codes” to understand their meaning, and then changes the “life codes” artificially like scissors.

In particular, a gene is a DNA fragment with a genetic effect that controls the biological traits and supports the basic structure and performance of life. Genome editing is the technique of changing the target gene sequence. In the specific editing process, as if the text is modified. First of all we need to find out all the places to be modified, and then use the tool, in accordance with the intention of modification, to insert, delete or rewrite part of the “words” or a “text”.

Of course, gene editing is to make operations in the cell within the gene sequence, and the actual process is much more complex. Gene editing technology can be said to be able to rewrite the life script. Relying on this technology, humans can not only achieve the rapid breeding of animals and plants, to make them develop in the direction of meeting human needs, such as wheat with resistance; but also can promote the disruptive revolution in disease treatment, such as curing some human ills.

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