Creaghan Harry, Owner of Procall Motivating The Notion of Entrepreneurship

The above mentioned personality is one of the rare successful business personalities who have not leaded his professional life by following specific rules and norms. For him, the existence of business rules lies in the urge to proceed further with integrity, aspiration and conviction. Unlike most well-known business individuals, the owner of Procall has brushed several other fields in the initial part of his career. He has taken up tasks and responsibilities that were not merely aligning with his respective domain.

The dynamic personality has been a part of an established and renowned aviation enterprise in the initial days of his career. He shared innovative ideas regarding the crucial engineering and architecture of aircrafts.  He first began his career by introducing an ultra-modern and advanced database named the American Aviation Directory.  He never merely preferredsticking to the stereotypical tasks and jobs and the factor reflects out loud in his extraordinary style of working even today.

Harry as an inspiration for the young emerging entrepreneur crowd

Needless to introduce, Procall is one of the most renowned and well established Business process outsourcing company. It has employed countless talents in the recent years and holds a dynamic and vibrant talent pool at the same time. The company was first founded by entrepreneur Creaghan Harry back in the early 1990’s.One of the lesser known factors about harry is that he has fifteen long years of experience in multiple fields. From a regular perspective, the shifting of fields and brushing skills would sound fickle. However, it is the catch which has helped the personality emerge as one of the most successful entrepreneurs.

He has runs Procall not as a mere call centre but as a dynamic foundation for new and young talents to grow. Harry is often termed as the sole master mind behind the success and achievements of Procall as well. His trend of office operation is based on both client and employee satisfaction. Procall has not only been hiring and employing new talents but also have been retaining them at a similar percentage. It is one of the most important aspects about Procall that makes it stand out from its neighbour competitors today.

However, the most interesting factor is that Creaghan Harry have been organising events, taking up inventive measures and introducing tactics to help young aspirants settle as entrepreneurs. Harry even has young career pursuers coming up to him for seeking valuable advices, suggestions and tips regarding entrepreneurship. He and his company has in fact been a primary figure for outsourcing business, collaborating ideas and aiding achieve certain targets to other call centre companies in the BPO industry. The personality is known for his unique style of setting up higher targets and yet keeping his feet on the ground. He is also an excellent communicator and projects ideas and insights on a level where all audiences and learners can understand and grasp quickly. He is looking forward to expand more in terms of his subsidiary.

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