Crafting Scholars Shares Tips for Helping Students Stay Focused Before the Holidays

In a new statement to the press, Crafting Scholars advises parents who fear their students will become too distracted by the upcoming holiday season.

The holiday season is on its way, arriving just in time to provide students with a well-deserved break. For some parents, however, the pending holiday season is a source of worry. A common concern is that students will lose their focus and motivation just when they need it most, becoming distracted by the upcoming holidays and losing their academic momentum. In a new statement to the press, Crafting Scholars—a leading academic tutoring service in Charlotte, North Carolina—counsels parents.

“The holiday season is ultimately a positive, because it provides students with a chance to refresh themselves and gear up for the rigors of another semester,” comments Kris Harris, founder of Crafting Scholars. “With that said, it can certainly be a distraction. Fortunately, parents can be proactive in keeping their students engaged.”

One option is to encourage physical activity, particularly in the outdoors. “Have your student bundle up and go outside for a 20-minute break,” suggests Harris. “Research is pretty clear about the benefits of fresh air, sunlight, and physical activity for energizing the brain.”

Harris also suggests changing the study venue. “If your student can’t stay focused sitting at the kitchen table, maybe it’s time to head to the local coffee shop for a treat and a new locale,” he says. “A change of scenery can have a focusing effect on the mind.”

Another approach is to switch roles, having the student take on the role of the teacher and explain back key concepts. Seasonal cheer can also be added to the study experience, via holiday music or festive lights—helping make the study experience a little more fun.

Harris also encourages parents to consider the input of a professional tutor—like Crafting Scholars. “Consider asking your tutor for an end-of-semester game plan—a customized approach to keeping your student focused even during the tough days before finals,” Harris says. “That’s certainly something that Crafting Scholars can assist you with.”

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Crafting Scholars is an academic tutoring and SAT/ACT preparation service based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Founded by Kris Harris, the company is known for its commitment to an individualized approach, taking into account each student’s particular strengths and areas for improvement.

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