Craffty Introducing Handmade GI products Directly From The Village Artisans

London, United Kingdom – In a revolutionary move that champions the authenticity of village craftsmanship, Craffty, founded by the dynamic duo Sabbir and Labanya, proudly announces the launch of its exclusive range of handmade Geographical Indication (GI) products such as rugs, tableware, curtain etc. This groundbreaking unique home decor collection has been directly sourced from the talented artisans nestled within the serene villages of Bangladesh.

Craffty isn’t just another e-commerce platform; it’s a mission. A mission to share the profound emotions, stories, and heritage embedded in every handcrafted masterpiece. By spotlighting GI products, the company brings forward a tapestry of unique cultural identifiers, intrinsic to specific geographical regions and their artisans.

“We do not sell products; we share emotions,” assert the founders. Their dedication to curating a collection of home decor items that mirrors the artisans’ heart and soul is evident in every offering. Each product tells a story – of the hands that shaped it, of the traditions that inspired it, and of the legacy that it carries.

This launch is not merely an introduction to a new product range; it’s an invitation. An invitation to consumers to not just purchase, but to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of emotions, traditions, and stories that each product embodies.

For enthusiasts of genuine craftsmanship, this is a golden opportunity. Dive deep into the world of genuine artistry, heritage, and unparalleled quality with Craffty. Become a part of a movement that values authenticity, supports local talent, and cherishes the irreplaceable essence of hand-made marvels.

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About Craffty:

Founded in 2023 by the husband and wife named Sabbir and Labanya, Craffty has emerged as a beacon for those seeking authentic, handcrafted products such as rugs, tableware, curtain etc. directly from the artisans of Bangladesh. Rooted in the belief that every handcrafted product carries a universe of emotions and stories, the platform is dedicated to sharing these sentiments with a global audience. Embrace the world of genuine artisanship with Craffty.

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