Covid-19 Alters Wedding Industry While Photographers Remain Key Element

The pandemic has changed many things, and one of the industries to take a significant hit was the big wedding industry. Amid the beginning of the pandemic, weddings that had been in the making for years were cancled and rescheduled. Everything was up in the air, and no one had an answer as to when weddings, as they were in 2019, would be back. There still isn’t an absolute answer to that. Yet, while there are increasing concerns about the delta variant, weddings are marching on.

The wedding industry is a substantial market, and photographers have always been a vital part of that. Still, for the foreseeable future, things are different, and like every other industry out there, the wedding industry has had to adapt.

Couples are still getting married; there are still weddings happening all over the world. However, there are some pretty considerable changes. For one the size of weddings has come down significantly. With people not wanting to wait out the pandemic to see what’s going to happen next, they’ve decided to move forward with their weddings, but instead of a two or three hundred-person guest list, they’ve brought it down to twenty or so. 

“There is an old-fashioned kind of intimacy to smaller weddings that got lost in the big wedding industry. The couples really have to think about who they want to be there with them and cut down the guest list. Through a lens, it feels much more like spying on a private affair, and something is charming about that.” Said a spokesperson for the company.

One thing that people just aren’t skipping is photos for these smaller weddings. Because a considerable portion of modern life is lived on social media, it’s not surprising that couples are still making sure they have the photos to last forever. Even couples planning on having a second more extensive and more elaborate celebration or ceremony when things get back to normal are still opting to have the actual wedding memorialized with high-quality photos.

“There are ways to keep things comfortable and safe for everyone involved and still capture the priceless moments when two people choose to spend the rest of their lives together. One way people are helping to keep it safe is by doing things outdoors. Even if it’s not the big venue they had their hearts set initially on, they are sticking to outdoor settings.” According to a spokesperson.

While it’s clear for the immediate future, the wedding industry as a whole is struggling. People are even more eager to have memorable photos of their wedding because at least then, all those guests they had to leave out will be able to see their special moment.

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