COVID Impact On Global Virtual Reality Headset Market 2020-2025

COVID Impact On Global Virtual Reality Headset Market 2020-2025
Growing innovations in the quality, size, and build of display, headset, etc is also expected to lead to low cost of production and thus more affordable headsets which will lead to more sales
  • It emerged as a way of remote training, collaboration, entertainment, and keeping in touch with the loved ones. COVID is also expected to impact the healthcare sector positively with the increase in patience and doctors preferring remote diagnosis.

  • The Market is also set to grow post COVID era where the new normal would be of more employees working from home and attending meetings and conferences at home, which would be made into a better experience with VR headset technology.

  •  While the headsets have been widely popular and saw a major investment by Facebook in Oculus since 2012, the pick up has been slow due various reasons. One of those are Headset’s design, cost and implementation of the technology, compatible with games or applications, etc. 

  • One of the restraints that the market would have to face is the restraints of the size and compatibility of these headsets with a wide variety of add-on machines and affordability by a large part of the population.

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  • On one hand the market for the production of VR was negatively affected during the pandemic due to production stoppage and transport, just like any other market. 

  • On the other hand, the absence of travelers, tourism boards, hotels and destinations have turned to virtual reality (VR) to attract the attention of travelers and make them feel comfortable to travel back safely after the pandemic.

  • The market share of any company depends on various factors, like the build of the product, quality, offerings (quality motion tracking, high-resolution screens, and the best graphics possible, etc.) and overall cost.


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  • The Oculus

  • Facebook

  • Google

  • Microsoft

  • Valve

  • HTC


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