Cosmetic Dentistry Improves Children and Teenagers’ Self-Esteem, Says Canadian Dental Practice

Appropriately treating crooked teeth, untreated carious lesions, tooth loss or traumatic dental injury early on has a substantial impact on a child’s confidence and especially on teenagers since that is about when they start becoming more aware of their appearance and long to fit into the crowd.

Downsview Dental, a specialist-led dental practice offering a wide range of cosmetic and general dental treatments across North York and surrounding communities, wants to raise awareness on the risk of visible dental deficiencies plummeting confidence and self-esteem among young children and teenagers. Research has shown that teeth crowding and misaligning, overbite, tooth loss and large maxillary irregularities as well as yellow teeth generally lead to teasing and harassment among children and adolescents and since they are in the midst of their formative years, these experiences can critically impact social interactions, relationships and mental health.

“Anyone can reminisce to a time where either ourselves or one of our childhood friends had to wear braces or lost one of their front teeth as a result of an accident. It is safe to say it did not go unnoticed and school bullies embraced it with open arms. Moreover, it’s important to acknowledge that teens are acutely aware of the smallest imperfections and it will affect their overall wellbeing. With kids, it’s a different story: they need to be encouraged to smile and feel comfortable in their skin. Strides in dental science have come so far nowadays: braces are no longer frowned upon by teens, they come in smaller and more attractive customizations. Composite bonding helps with any missing teeth and the final results look exactly like the color of the tooth’s enamel. Whitening is also a quick fix which can be done either in-office or with take-home kits. There is so much flexibility in modern cosmetic dentistry and our patients are often surprised at how quickly and easily they can achieve that pearly white smile they’ve always dreamt of. “, a key Downsview Dental representative stated recently.

Downsview Dental offer the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as inlays and onlays, composite bonding, dental veneers, teeth whitening or dental implants, and as well more specialized services, such as children’s dentistry and orthodontics, depending on the unique needs of each patient.

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Established in North York, Ontario Downsview Dental has been offering provide patient care centered on their needs and preferences for over 2,000 Canadians since first opening their doors. Their team of experts in oral health, cosmetic dentistry and dental hygienesh are a common drive to improving oral health for as many people as possible and give them radiant smiles in a friendly and comfortable environment.

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