Corporate Wellness Market Size to Reach over $72 Billion by 2023 – Arizton

The global corporate wellness market size is expected to reach values of around $72 billion by 2023, growing at an impressive CAGR of over 8% 2017–2023.

The service providers are introducing mobile technology and websites for corporate wellness programs that provide information ranging from in-network provider directories, medication prices, and information on plausible deductibles with therapeutic alternatives, provision of in-home monitoring, and alerts for taking medication as and when prescribed to gain new consumers. The leading vendors are partnering with several other sectors such as mind-body, alternative medicine, fitness, and spa to offer the best options to the consumers in the market.

The global corporate wellness market is driven by data integration from health savings accounts and CDHPs, where employees can better manage their healthcare savings. The influx of players from across technology, human capital, fitness, equipment, and architecture dimensions will result in a diverse range of offerings in the global market. The market research report provides in-depth market analysis and segmental analysis of the global corporate wellness market by the program, end-users, revenue model, delivery model, and geography.

The report considers the present scenario of the global corporate wellness market and its market dynamics for the period 2018−2023. It covers a detailed overview of various market growth enablers, restraints, and trends. The study covers both the demand and supply sides of the market. It also profiles and analyzes the leading companies and several other prominent companies operating in the corporate wellness market.


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Corporate Wellness Market – Vendor Profiles


Major Vendors

  • Compsych
  • Wellness Corporate Solutions
  • Virgin Pulse
  • Provant Health Solutions
  • Sodexo


Prominent Players

  • Active Wellness
  • Aquila
  • BaySport
  • Beacon Health Options
  • Ceridian
  • Corporate Fitness Works
  • HealthFitness
  • Healthtrax
  • Health Systems Group
  • Integrated Wellness Partners
  • Kinema Fitness
  • LifeStart
  • LIVunLtd
  • Professional Fitness Management
  • Power Wellness
  • Reach Fitness
  • Marino Wellness
  • Midtown Athletic Club
  • The National Institute for Fitness and Sport (NIFS)
  • OptumHealth
  • Privia Health
  • Premise Health
  • WTS International
  • Vitality Group
  • Wellsource
  • Wisdom Works Group
  • Workstride


Corporate Wellness Market – Segmentation


Market Segmentation by Platform

  • HRA
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Fitness Services
  • Alcohol & Drug Rehab
  • Stress Management
  • Health & Education Services
  • Others

Market Segmentation by End-users

  • Large Private Sector Businesses
  • Medium Private Sector Businesses
  • Public Sector Companies
  • Small Private Sector Businesses
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Hospitals/Health Systems
  • Universities

Market Segmentation by Revenue Model

  • Recurring Revenues
  • Seasonal Revenues

Market Segmentation by Delivery Model

  • Onsite
  • Offsite

Market Segmentation by Geography

  • North America
    • US
    • Canada
  • Europe
    • Germany
    • UK
    • France
  • APAC
    • Japan
    • China
    • South Korea
  • ROW
    • GCC
    • Brazil
    • South Africa


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Corporate Wellness Market – Table of Contents


1          Research Methodology

2          Research Objectives

3          Research Process


4          Report Coverage

4.1       Market Definition

4.2       Base Year

4.3       Scope of Study

Corporate Wellness Market Segmentation by Programs

Corporate Wellness Market Segmentation by End-users

Market Segmentation by Revenue Models           

Market Segmentation by Delivery Model  

Market Segmentation by Geography         

4.4       Key Caveats

4.5       Inclusions

4.6       Exclusions

4.7       Currency Conversion

4.8       Market Derivation


5          Market at a Glance

6          Introduction

6.1       Overview

6.2       State of Global Economy

6.3       Global Healthcare Sector: An Overview

6.3.1   Global Health: An Overview

6.4       Corporate Wellness Market

6.4.1   Employer-Employee Paradigm

6.4.2   Success Factors for Wellness Programs

6.4.3   Overview ofCorporate Wellness Market

6.5       Business Model

6.6       Pillars of Corporate Wellness Market

6.6.1   Overall Wellness (No risk to low risk)

6.6.2   Risk Reduction (At risk to medium risk)

6.6.3   Chronic Condition Management (High risk)

6.7       Lifecycle Stage of Corporate Wellness Market

6.8       Supply chain

6.9       Growth Prospects

6.9.1   Time Off

6.9.2   Morale Boosters

6.9.3   Healthy Cafeteria/Vending Options

6.9.4   Foster Relationships

6.9.5   Flexible Hours/ Work from Home

6.1       Pulse of the Workforce

6.11    Employee Behavior Insights

6.11.1 Millennials

6.11.2 Generation X

6.11.3 Baby Boomers

6.11.4 Media Consumption across Generations

6.11.5 Multi-generational Workplace


7          Key Decision Influencers inCorporate Wellness Market

7.1       Technology Companies

7.1.1   Wearable Devices

7.2       Architecture Firms

7.3       Fitness Companies

7.4       Benefits consultants


8          Corporate Wellness Market Dynamics

8.1       Corporate Wellness Market Growth Enablers

8.1.1   An Entitlement Culture Sweeps Workforce

8.1.2   Evolution of Value Proposition

8.1.3   Longer Work Days and Weeks

8.1.4   Broad Shift in Wellness Perspective

8.1.5   Wellness Programs fill in for Limiting Healthcare Systems

8.1.6   YOY Impact of Market Growth Enablers

8.2       Corporate Wellness Market Growth Restraints

8.2.1   A Singular Approach to Wellness

8.2.2   Random Acts of Wellness

8.2.3   Lack of Attention to Expectations

8.2.4   Constant Struggle for Employee Engagement and Participation

8.2.5   Perceived Expensiveness of Wellness Programs

8.2.6   Wariness Regarding Misuse of Data

8.2.7   Counterproductive to Employee Health

8.2.8   Increased Sense of Anxiety

8.2.9   YOY Impact of Market Growth Restraints

8.3       Corporate Wellness Market Opportunities and Trends

8.3.1   Workplace to Workforce

8.3.2   From Cookie Cutter to Total Culture

8.3.3   Increased Incorporation of Incentives

8.3.4   Data Analytics Increasingly Powering Wellness

8.3.5   Growing Reign of Artificial Intelligence

8.3.6   Extension of Wellness Programs to Family

8.3.7   YOY Impact of Market Opportunities& Trends


9          Global Corporate Wellness Market

9.1       Corporate Wellness Market Size & Forecast

9.2       Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

9.2.1   Threat of New Entrants

9.2.2   Bargaining Power of Suppliers

9.2.3   Bargaining Power of Buyers

9.2.4   Threat of Substitutes

9.2.5   Competitive Rivalry


10        Corporate Wellness Market By Programs

10.1    Market Overview

10.2    Corporate Health and RISK Assessment (HRA)

10.2.1 Market Size & Forecast

10.3    Corporate Nutrition and Weight Management

10.3.1 Market Size & Forecast

10.4    Corporate smoking cessation

10.4.1 Market Size & Forecast

10.5    Corporate Fitness Services

10.5.1 Market Size & Forecast

10.6    Corporate Alcohol and Drug Rehab

10.6.1 Market Size & Forecast

10.7    Corporate Stress Management

10.7.1 Market Size & Forecast

10.8    Corporate Health Education Services

10.8.1 Market Size & Forecast

10.9    Other Corporate wellness services market

10.9.1 Market Size & Forecast


11        Corporate Wellness Market By End-User

11.1    Market Overview

11.2    Large Private Sector Businesses

11.2.1 Market Size & Forecast

11.3    Medium Private Sector Businesses

11.3.1 Market Size & Forecast

11.4    Public Sector Companies

11.4.1 Market Size & Forecast

11.5    Small Private Sector Businesses

11.5.1 Market Size & Forecast

11.6    Non-profit Organizations

11.6.1 Market Size & Forecast


12        Corporate Wellness Market by Revenue Model

12.1.1 Market Overview

12.2    Recurring Revenue Model

12.2.1 Market Size & Forecast

12.3    Seasonal Revenues Model

12.3.1 Market Size & Forecast


13        Corporate Wellness Market by Delivery Model

13.1    Market Overview

13.2    Onsite

13.2.1 Market Size & Forecast

13.3    offsite

13.3.1 Market Size & Forecast


14        Corporate Wellness Market by Geography

14.1.1 Corporate Wellness Market Overview


15        North America

15.1    Corporate Wellness Market Size & Forecast

15.2    Key Countries

15.2.1 US: Market Size & Forecast

15.2.2 Canada: Market Size & Forecast


16        Europe

16.1    Corporate Wellness Market Size & Forecast

16.2    Key Countries

16.2.1 Germany: Market Size & Forecast

16.2.2 UK: Market Size & Forecast

16.2.3 France: Market Size & Forecast


17        APAC

17.1    Corporate Wellness Market Size & Forecast

17.2    Key Countries

17.2.1 Japan: Market Size & Forecast

17.2.2 China: Market Size & Forecast

17.2.3 South Korea: Market Size & Forecast


18        Rest of World

18.1    Market Size & Forecast

18.2    Key Countries

18.2.1 GCC: Market Size & Forecast

18.2.2 Brazil: Market Size & Forecast

18.2.3 South Africa: Market Size & Forecast


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