Corporate Social Responsibility at LSET: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders

Corporate Social Responsibility at LSET: Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders
Corporate Social Responsibility at LSET: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders
LSET is thrilled to announce its support for the EY Foundation in its Step Into Business Program to foster entrepreneurship, specifically targeting young individuals (aged 16-19) and underrepresented groups.

London – 29th March, 2024 – The London School of Emerging Technology (LSET) stands firm in its belief that education transcends mere career preparation, aiming instead to foster responsible global citizens who actively contribute to societal progress. This ethos is underpinned by a robust commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), ingrained within the institution’s core principles.

LSET’s CSR mission revolves around harnessing expertise in emerging technologies to effect enduring societal change. The institution is dedicated to fostering innovation, championing sustainability, and empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to thrive in an increasingly digital landscape.

Community Engagement: LSET actively collaborates with local communities to tackle social challenges and enhance educational access. Initiatives such as mentorship programs and community outreach events aim to inspire and equip the next generation of tech leaders.

Environmental Sustainability: Recognising the imperative of environmental stewardship, LSET implements eco-friendly practices within its campuses and supports research into sustainable technologies, striving to minimise its ecological footprint.

Diversity and Inclusion: LSET is committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive learning environment, ensuring all individuals feel valued and supported. Through scholarships, diversity initiatives, and partnerships with inclusive organisations, the institution endeavours to create equal opportunities for aspiring technologists.

LSET Joins Hands With EY:

A significant milestone in LSET’s CSR journey is its recent collaboration with the EY Foundation in the latter’s Step Into Business Program. This initiative aims to support entrepreneurship, particularly among underrepresented groups and young people in the 16-19 years age group, facing employment barriers.

The program offers participants a one-day interactive workshop guiding them through the process of transforming a basic business idea into reality. Subsequently, participants with viable business concepts can avail themselves of business coaching for up to six months and are eligible to apply for a £2,000 start-up grant from the EY Foundation. Moreover, recipients may benefit from additional facilities such as free school meals or access to college bursaries provided by the EY Foundation.

LSET has proactively approached the EY Foundation to sponsor a £2,000 start-up grant for deserving candidates.

This LSET’s support of EY Foundation’s Step Into Business Program underscores a shared commitment to nurturing talent and fostering entrepreneurship among young professionals from underprivileged backgrounds. Through the program, students gain invaluable real-world experience, mentorship, and access to resources essential for success in the business realm.

As Amira Ismail, Regional Programmes Manager (South & Midlands), EY Foundation says, “It was great to have Mayur Ramgir represent the London School of Emerging Technology at our Step into Business programme which supports young people from low-income backgrounds interested in running their own business. It is vital for students to have the chance to network and learn from entrepreneurs who have gone through that complex but rewarding journey of starting their own businesses, and for that we are grateful for Mayur’s involvement and for taking the time to support the development of our students.”

In summary, CSR at LSET transcends tokenism; it’s woven into the institution’s fabric, driving every endeavour. Together with partners and stakeholders, LSET strives hard to forge a brighter, more inclusive future where technology catalyses positive change.

LSET believes in shaping the future of technology and making a tangible difference in the world. So, together with its collaborators, it intends to build a better tomorrow, one innovation at a time.

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