Construction Accident Lawyer Keetick Sanchez Releases Informative Article on New York Construction Accident Laws

Construction Accident Lawyer Keetick Sanchez Releases Informative Article on New York Construction Accident Laws
Construction Accident Lawyer Keetick Sanchez Releases Informative Article on New York Construction Accident Laws

Construction accident lawyer Keetick Sanchez with her extensive experience as a construction accident lawyer in Jackson Heights and other parts of New York recently published an insightful article discussing the complex laws surrounding construction accidents in New York City. The article aims to raise awareness about the legal rights of injured workers and the importance of seeking professional legal assistance to navigate the complicated legal landscape.

In the article, Keetick Sanchez, a construction accident lawyer practicing in New York, including Jackson Heights, explains that construction is one of the most dangerous industries. Workers and even passersby at construction sites in the city face higher risks of accidents and injuries compared to other industries. This has prompted the creation of new laws aimed at protecting workers and holding negligent parties accountable.

The construction accident lawyer also highlights the types of accidents commonly handled by the K L Sanchez Law Office, a law firm widely experienced in personal injury cases. These include scaffolding accidents, ladder accidents, electrical-related accidents, and many others. Keetick Sanchez and her team of attorneys are dedicated to helping victims of construction accidents throughout Jackson Heights and other areas in New York.

Construction accident lawyer Keetick Sanchez emphasizes the significance of understanding the rights and legal options available to those who have suffered injuries at construction sites. “If you or a loved one is a construction worker who was injured on a construction site in New York, you may be entitled to medical expenses, workers’ comp benefits, or a large settlement,” Sanchez says in the article.

The article further discusses the “fatal four,” the most common construction accident categories that result in fatalities, as identified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). These include construction falls, strikes by objects on a construction site, electrocutions, and caught-in-between accidents. Unfortunately, New York City has seen a 221% increase in construction-related injuries and fatalities over the past five years.

Keetick Sanchez also delves into the unique New York Scaffolding Law. This law offers special protections for construction workers who may be injured due to the use of scaffolding, ladders, hoists, ropes, and other equipment. It allows injured workers to bring an injury suit against contractors or property owners found in violation of the law.

The legal process of handling construction accident cases is complex and requires diligence and experience. At K L Sanchez Law Office, the team of attorneys diligently investigates all aspects of each case, including OSHA and building department violations, medical records, witness testimony, and more. This thorough approach enables them to establish negligence, liability, and the appropriate compensation for their clients.

As a call to action, the article encourages those who have been injured in a construction accident to contact K L Sanchez Law Office for a free evaluation. The experienced legal team is prepared to assist victims in understanding their rights and pursuing compensation for their injuries.

About K L Sanchez Law Office: 

K L Sanchez Law Office is a dedicated personal injury law firm in New York, highly skilled in cases involving construction accidents, workplace injuries, and other personal injury matters. The firm’s experienced attorneys, led by Keetick Sanchez, are committed to helping victims of negligence and carelessness seek justice and compensation for their injuries. The team includes skilled trial lawyers and advocates who work closely with subcontractors to ensure the proper implementation of construction site safety measures, such as the use of personal protective equipment and the prevention of occupational illness.


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