Consistent Car Problems? You could be entitled to compensation under yours states ‘Lemon Law’


Every investment has an expected return. Schooling and certifications hopefully lead to higher salaries, home remodeling would generate a higher resale value and stock investments would come with a wishful 8% ROI. But what about our cars?  What return can we expect from our cars? Because let’s face it, cars, and everything involving them, are expensive.

According to Kelly Blue Book, the average car sells for $33,340, financed over 5 years. In addition to a $150 per month insurance policy and $250 gas payment. That’s $950 per month or $11,400 per year, and that’s just the average, for one car!  Buying a vehicle today is a commitment, not just a casual purchase.

Amongst the many factors considered when purchasing a car (i.e. fuel economy, safety, luxury, exterior styling) ‘expected reliability’ is the #1 frequently consulted publication, according to J.D. Power Surveys. But how do we really know the reliability of our car? Yes, there are statistics, forums and consumer reports, but the fact of the matter is we just don’t know until we experience it first-hand. So for peace of mind, we generally spend the extra money for an extended warranty and cross our fingers that all goes well.

Then one day you spring a gas leak. No problem you think, you’re covered, and most likely, you are. You take the car in, they service the issue while you sit reading old magazines eating complimentary frozen bagels and watered down coffee and hope the problem is resolved. You drive off with an unsettled stomach and peace of mind. Eight months goes by and it happens again.  While you know you are covered under warranty (again), that tiny seed of anxiety begins to blossom. Then after the 3rd time, you are flat out worried.

Luckily when it comes to purchasing a car, laws are in place to protect you, the buyer, from the financial responsibility of the value lost from a faulted car. But whom do you turn to for legal help when the dealership insists the issue is resolved when in fact it is not. Your answer, a Lemon Law Attorney.

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Similar was the case for Mr. VasylChepleskyy, a Ukrainian pastor of Leighton Pennsylvania who purchased a KIA Soul in 2012. Within the first year he owned the car there was major paint chipping, which should have been covered under the KIA paint warranty. However, the dealership ignored the customer’s protests and failed to register the complaints with KIA, informing the customer that it was not covered. Mr. Chepleskyy then turned to Timothy Abeel& Associates of Roseland, NJ for legal representation.

Their external paint and body shop expert reviewed the car diligently and further determined the paints deficiency. Under these offenses, the jury ruled in favor of Tim Abeel& Associates and KIA was subject to pay the loss of $8,000 plus attorney fees while remaining under further review for sanctions of reckless ignorance under the PA Unfair Trade Act.

The case shows as a strong example of how dealerships, through deception or ignorance, can attempt to allure buyers to drop claims against them or the manufacturer, thereby escaping a warranty breach under their states selected Lemon Law. With 100% free legal representation, all buyers should, without hesitation, consider legal representation for further examination.

Personal transportation has become more of a necessity than a luxury today. When you spend your hard earned money on a vehicle, there is an “expectation” that you are receiving what you paid for. When things go wrong, and they do, there is an “expectation” that the dealer and manufacturer will stand behind the product they provide. That is the comfort a warranty provides. When that contract between seller and buyer is breached for whatever reason, it impacts the buyer more than just an inconvenience.

Proven Lemon Law Attorneys like Timothy Abeel& Associates can serve as your “return” on your investment. By providing you with the necessary guidance and tools to recover your losses so you can visit,-Full-Refund-or-Cash-Settlement.–_cp10243.htm now, have true “Peace of Mind”.

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