Connect With Inner-Self with Semi-Precious Gems

Connecting With the Divine Self to Find a Source of Light & Life in This Time of Uncertainty

Our clients can use semi-precious gems from Agathas Gems, to bring tranquility, emotional balance and dispel anxiety in such dark times. They can alleviate the stress and strain on their exhausted being, by bringing in calming and soothing stones into their home or their ‘WFH’ office setup. In this difficult time, where the global population is experiencing sentiments of fear, is harboring feelings of anxiousness and is grappling with their mental health, our semi-precious stones are a source of relief. Sourced in an environmentally conscious manner from South Brazil, they are the perfect ornament to add to the calming and mentally de-stressing aesthetic of their home.

Based in California, we import products made of semi-precious stones. Through us, our clients can light their soul and can relieve their senses by buying our agate stone coasters, for settling their warm cup of tea, to relax, unwind and unreel from the information and sensory overload they are experiencing. With more than 30% of US adults using alternative forms of medications, using stones to turn their mental health towards a holistic approach is the route to take. By using this time wisely to reconnect with themselves and reengage their senses, our clients can use pink agate coasters or our classic blue agate stone coasters, representing the Pantone ‘color of the year’, to enliven their and their family’s lives.

With our unique pieces made out of stones such as pink quartz, hematite, sodalite, citrine and others, our clients can post the perfect ‘stay at home’ or ‘WFH’ snapshot and can envelop themselves in a relaxing and comforting environment. By enhancing their home and office décor, they can slip themselves into a creative mindset, leaving behind the worries of these turbulent times. Due to our artisan process, our clients can be guaranteed of receiving hand-made pieces, to transport them into a spa-like sanctuary.

Through Agathas Gems, our clients can create their own serene realm in a world battling a global pandemic, where they can dip their toes into a sense of lightness and can surround themselves around beauty.

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