Connect TimeLive with more than 750 Apps via Zapier

November 6, 2017 – Livetecs, a top-notch provider of web-based solution and custom software bundles for little and medium organizations, is satisfied to report their most recent TimeLive software upgrade. In its presentation of, TimeLive integration with more than 750 Apps thru Zapier.

Time Tracking Software TimeLive is an immaculate time following software for associations and administrators to assume the responsibility of their representatives working hours for proficient time administration and asset usage.

The Livetecs Time and Expense tracking software are also available in the TimeLive suite. A masterpiece that provides expense management solutions for current and future projects in a firm, this means organizations will be able to see the efficiency of their project completion.

Time and expense are two important factors in putting a project to a close, but there is a need to track the optimum amount of resources used and time to get this done. TimeLive Expense tracking software can get this done perfectly.

With so many varieties of timesheet in use, either downloadable or online version. Livetecs provides its clients Online Timesheet; this means the organization can monitor working hours, anytime anywhere and more efficiently. TimeLive is one of the best online timesheet solutions for small and large enterprises; it helps to manage employee timesheet easily with its cloud-based software. It is very easy to use and has a lot of powerful features!

Employee Timesheet software causes supervisors to screen operation effortlessly and furthermore proficiently screen the accomplishments of their workforce. Employee time following software is convenient for keeping a check and adjust on workers. The Track My Time highlight additionally helps with deciding the profitability example of their representatives for the day and can distinguish when and where the directors can get the chance to rouse their workforce to accomplish the required execution.

The integration of this two product brings about the seamless flow of information to the Quickbooks Timesheet; this enables working hours to be tracked with expense incurred on a project. A perfect way to produce invoice on work completed to the number of hours to get it done.

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