Config, the web interface to manage configuration files now launches on Kickstarter

Config is the recently launched web interface on Kickstarter that allows the user to manage all their configuration files properly and keep them organized in one place. It is designed to make it easier for the user to manage all their configuration files across all servers and environments. Config is launched on Kickstarter with a goal of raising $10,000, until January 18th, 2018.

The Config web interface is developed considering the problem faced by corporates, programmers, sysadmins or IT managers where they have to deal with a number of configuration files piled up everywhere. Using this platform, the user will be able to synchronize their common configuration settings, incorporate environment variables and examine the differences that distinguish each environment.  It also provides support for public and private environments using multiple deployment models so that the user can manage all their files effectively.

Config enables the user to integrate whatever they need through a single web interface that is easy to use. This platform is all ready to use and the developers are ready to move further with the project but the only obstacle is a limited budget for which they have turned to the masses for support.  The funds raised from the Kickstarter campaign will cover the cost of the final phase of development and a live marketing campaign. The contributors will also receive many rewards such as an early access to the starter plan of Config for a whole year by contributing for $100. They can get an early access to the Pro plan by contributing $250 and so on.

Config does not require any infrastructure to run. Being a deployment time dependency platform, it adds no runtime overhead and has no single point of failure. It eliminates the need for vi or notepad and allows the user to manage all their configuration files such as INI, XML, JSON, YAML, and TOML, from anywhere.

Config provides version control for all configuration files including semantic versioning, change notifications, change history and locking. All the configuration values are validated on the input to minimize runtime errors and it supports encryption for sensitive information like passwords and keys. The users can set configure permission levels as per their team structure as well as change, review and approve workflows. This platform also enables the users to search for keys, values, and comments across all their apps and environments.

The developers of Config also work with a mission to reduce poverty and inequality through education which is why they commit to donating 20% of the net income to Scholarship America, a highly rated non-profit organization.

More information about Config can be found on and the backers can support the campaign on

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