Complex Creative is the world’s top Minority-Owned Creative Agency

London, UK – Complex Creative is known as the No BS Agency due to their honest and transparent nature, always putting the client first.

They’re one of the top creative agencies in London and have recently topped some of the charts for the top creative agencies in the UK. However, The Manifest have just named Complex Creative the number one Minority-Owned creative agency in the world.

Sabrina Chevannes, the founder of Complex Creative, is half Jamaican and half Chinese entrepreneur originally from Birmingham, UK. She moved to London for medical school and started her first creative agency in London.

Sabrina also launched a blog called the Black Female Boss, which is designed to help females and people of colour help tackle the discrimination that they face in the workplace. She is consistently advocating for disadvantaged people and so this award is extremely appropriate.

Complex Creative has decided to concentrate on working with female-owned, minority-owned and LGBT-owned businesses, hoping to make a difference to their companies.

The staff at this creative agency in London have always been diverse, with people of all races, genders and sexualities. They believe that this is one of the reasons they are able to provide a much more quality and well-rounded service to clients.

How to contact Complex Creative:

Complex Creative is one of the top creative agencies in London, specializing in bespoke WordPress websites. They are always open to consultations for any marketing services.

Contact Mona at hello@wearecomplexcreative or +443330119628, or find Complex Creative on social media.

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