Completion of the Mining Plugin: Game, Mine & Earn technology team working round the clock to get the mining plugin ready. Left to right: Anton Grishko, Roman Golovakha, Martin Speight, Buki Ben Natan, Calvin Adamus has completed the mining plugin for its blockchain gaming platform which they plan to have ready for a limited private download at the end of January 2020, and for public download shortly afterward. This is after 6 months of trials, testing, bug fixing and feedback from gamers who participated in the Alpha testing phase.

This is the first of five separate modules (seamless integration) for the gaming platform and part of the Beta launch. It confirms and validates PoW blockchain transactions (mines), and gives immediate monetization rewards for the gamers. It uses a gamer’s GPU processing power when it is not being used for gaming and dedicates that processing power to blockchain mining. This is the exact same process they have already fully and successfully tested in the Alpha version of the software. Later updates to the monetization module will include other exciting monetization updates including CGI rendering.

The mining plugin is based on the new user interface that was announced in mid-November 2019. Users will just need to download and run the application on their desktop/laptop computer, leave it on with a few clicks, and they are ready to monetize. There is no further input needed at all from the gamer. It’s all handled in the background.’s mining plugin can mine any of the GPU or CPU mineable tokens, and the gamers are rewarded with native GMRX tokens. At this moment, the plugin is connected to the two mining algorithms: Ethhash algorithm (Possible coins to mine include: ETC, ETH, DBIX, ARA) and Cryptonights (Possible coins to mine include: MONERO, DOGECOIN, Zencash, Metaverse). The team is working to incorporate more algorithms, which will allow the machine learning to auto-select the most profitable coin to mine and result in higher, passive rewards for the gamers. The native GMRX tokens can be used to buy/sell or rent digital items within the marketplace and also use that to play premium paid games.

During the Alpha version trials which are detailed in full in the Whitepaper, simulated a real-world situation, (based on actual Alpha data), in which a gamer would obtain between $0.20 and $3.22 per day rewards equivalent depending on the various factors detailed in the “Alpha Report” which included GPU spec, hours dedicated to monetization, Network Expansion Program reards (referrals), etc. These figures satisfied the $1/day KPI which aimed for. gaming platform: Mining Plugin

Many of the gamers like the idea as GPUs are versatile and have a very solid future, with certain blockchain companies even incorporating ASIC resistant mining algorithms to ensure Satoshi’s vision of “one computer one vote.” Not only that the power of the gaming community’s GPU processor is set to increase dramatically over the coming years driven by the new VR/AR/MR games. All of which means more GPU power for monetization!

“I am happy to receive so many positive reactions from our community on the progress of our platform. For the selected gamers who took part in our Alpha test phase and the Beta testers for the Mining Plugin Public version, I would like to sincerely thank them for all their help so far. Their efforts are well appreciated amongst our team. We will continue to build our blockchain gaming platform to let users experience our vision of a singular platform where you can game, spend, share and store your gaming assets. We have purposely pushed our developers day and night so that we can announce that we are ready for downloads by the end of January 2020. We want to excite more people and build our community bigger,” Calvin Adamus, Chief Product Officer of explained.

Biconomy, headquartered in Canada, is committed to opening a new era of the digital economy. They have about 100,000 registered users and believe that the gaming industry is one of the key pillars for cryptocurrency adoption. being their flagship IEO, the team at Biconomy is committed to work together to bring more users onboard and create a brand new “Biconomy” – A combination of blockchain and the new digital economy. “We will do our best for the blockchain community. I am impressed with Gaimin’s development as well, they have delivered the mining plugin for the public just as promised during our initial meetings to let our users enjoy this first hand. We will also try our best to attain good results for our first IEO with Gaimin on 19 January 2020,” David Jung, CMO of Biconomy commented.

The key objective of the blockchain gaming platform is to provide a complete solution for gamers without them needing to change their behaviour in any way. Users can passively monetize their resources (GPU) when not in use and get rewarded in a native token (GMRX). The platform is structured and supported by 5 core components: Blockchain-based wallet; Games platform; Decentralized digital game asset marketplace; Communication / Chat program and Social media control panel. This means users can enjoy their gaming hobby all in one place. gaming platform: Marketplace

The other components, together with their plugins, will be rolled out subsequently. More information about’s business and technology roadmap can be found at

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