Compelling Debut Book by Jus One Reveals the Art of Hustling Applied to the Legitimate World of Business

Groomed and seasoned by the streets of Brotherly Love, he manages to convey the essence of success in the street and merge it into a relatable business language!

March 16, 2016, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States– While old-school business gurus believe in preaching a rigid mould for becoming a successful entrepreneur, Philadelphia’s author and entrepreneur Jus One has proved them wrong with his new book, ‘The Manual: A Hustler’s Guide To Better Living Through Proper Business Etiquette.’ Never before has the art of hustling been so delicately explained and applied to the legitimate world of business. The author has embodied the street and transformed from a fixture on the corner, to a bridge into the world of business.

According to author Jus one, “In the sea of entrepreneurship too many of us are drowning in cliches!”

Jus One is a born hustler who has embodied the street and transformed from a fixture on the corner, to a bridge into the world of business. Growing from his humble beginnings to an acclaimed entrepreneur, he is a true epitome of success. In his debut book, Jus One narrates his personal story and real life experiences with a hope to inspire others. In other words, the book provides real life scenarios that have helped him develop his own business acumen, and can help readers to pick up the tips and apply them to their own situations. His story is something which everybody can relate to with a strong message that it is possible to overcome the odds and become successful, despite not being born into money or without the best educational background.

One of the BEST books I’ve ever read! I love how he takes us in a journey of his life and teaches us vital lessons along the way. Lessons that I will definitely take with me not only in business but life in general. I appreciate the format from the lesson to the real life application. Easy read and very informative!” said one of his customers, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

With demand for the book rising, interested readers are urged to buy their copy as soon as possible!

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Jus One is a product of a troublesome youth that has managed to forge a path in the right direction to ensure a life filled with a “Better Living” as described in the title of his book. He insists that the obstacles in his life’s past are no different from the obstacles faced by everyday business owners and has developed a method to meeting them head on. In his own words, “Welcome to the real world of business!”

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