Company Experiences High Numbers of Enquiries as People Quit their Jobs in 2022

(by Jamieson Lee Hill)

April 26th, 2022 – A London-based Business listing website has experienced a large increase in the number of enquiries with an unprecedented number of people resigning from their jobs in 2021 and 2022. This is being dubbed ‘The Great Resignation’ across the world. 

Millennials Seeking To Leave the Rat Race

Since the first lockdowns in early 2020, LMB has seen a 25% upsurge in enquiries from people looking to leave their jobs and start online businesses. This has been particularly from people in the 25 to 34 age bracket who fall into the millennial category. 

More to Life

Founder of LMB, Jey Jeynathan, explained why he thinks this trend is occurring,

“During the lockdowns, a lot of people reevaluated their life and work situations. I think people realised they didn’t want to spend their lives working hard to make someone else rich.”

Digital Savvy Generation

Equally, Jey also identified a growing trend among the millennial generation to start their own business, 

“Many younger people are tech savvy and with the massive increase in digital business due to covid, they realise the potential in running their own online business as e-commerce and other fields boom.”

Record Numbers Quitting 

This trend is worldwide with a Microsoft survey showing that 41% were thinking of quitting or changing their professions in January. In March 2022 figures revealed that  4.3 million people quit their jobs in January in the USA. 

In 2021, a record number of almost 48 million people quit their jobs in the USA. This trend is being dubbed the ‘Great Resignation.’ In the UK a survey conducted suggested that a third of staff were thinking about changing their jobs in 2022. In Australia one in five people quit their jobs in 2021. 

More Reasons for Quitting

Founder of LMB, Jey, speculated about other reasons for staff giving up, ‘people are disgruntled with their job, boss, reliance on a salary (or salary-slave as I called it) and a risk of redundancy.’

A New Found Freedom

Jey left the rat race years ago and ‘decided to create a central resource of tried and tested internet business models to help others wanting to go on the same journey.’

“The biggest change would be time-freedom. I would class this above financial freedom. I am free to conduct each day as I see fit. I don’t have a boss chasing me, or expecting me in the office.”

Jey’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is ‘Go for it. You will never look back.’ For more information about LMB please visit their website.  


Love My Businesses is an international business listing site offering online business opportunities to budding entrepreneurs around the world. Its founder’s vision, Jey Jeynathan,  is to become the biggest business listing site in the world and build a comprehensive Knowledge Centre of free resources website to help entrepreneurs start their own companies.  

The company mission is to inspire entrepreneurs all over the world to take the plunge and start their 1st, 2nd or 3rd business, helping people escape the rat race and achieving financial freedom. Article by Jamieson Lee Hill, Head of Content and Copywriting, LMB.

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