Commuting to work by Bicycle increases by over 490% in Washington D.C.

All Star Active, the brand behind a popular reflective running vest, are raising awareness of National Bike Month by encouraging people to bike to work.

United States – May 30th, 2016 – May is National Bike Month across the U.S. with millions of people celebrating biking. There has been a huge surge in the popularity of biking, from riding to school, commuting to work or in your leisure time. From 2000 to 2013 commuting by bicycle has increased by 105% in bicycle friendly communities (compared to a national increase of 62%) according to the National Household Travel Survey. Key cities have seen a surge in commuting by bicycle, from 1990 – 2013 Washington D.C saw an increase of 498%, Portland an increase of 408% and San Francisco 301%.

There are a myriad of reasons to cycle from saving money, quicker commute time, improving your health to exploring your local parks and saving the environment. It allows you to include a daily workout and stress reducer into your schedule whilst at the same time decrease your own contribution to global warming. This is why All Star Active are encouraging everyone to get on their bikes and ride.

“There are so many personal and environmental benefits to cycling, so I am not surprised there has been such a surge in the numbers commuting to work by bike,” comments Victoria Stewart, the Founder of All Star Active. “We are proud to be supporting people to cycle safely and to benefit from everything it offers.”

You need to ensure you stay safe and maintain your bike well. The League of American Bicyclists offers comprehensive advice on biking safely, suggesting as a minimum you consider the ABCs of cycling (air, brakes, chain, crank and cassette). They also advise that you are visible and predictable at all times: wear bright clothing, signal and follow the law.

All Star Active sell reflective gear (a reflective running vest) in order to help cyclists ride safely. With 360 degree visibility of up to 1,200 feet, their reflective running vest is designed to give people peace of mind while cycling in low-light conditions by keeping them safe and visible. 

Built from a lightweight and breathable mesh material, the reflective gear from All Star Active can comfortably be worn by both men and women. It also features a large zippered pocket that can hold essential items.

For a limited time only, the company is providing all their customers with a free bonus gift of two reflector bands which can be worn on the arms, ankles or wrists. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee. Amazon Prime customers are entitled to receive free two-day shipping on any order. This reflective gear is ideal to enhance cyclist safety on the roads. 


To find out more information about the All Star Active Reflective Vest and to enhance safety whilst on the roads, visit their Amazon page directly at or email Victoria on

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