Commissioner George Mentz Garners Global Thought Leader and Influencer Awards, Advances Scholarships for Children, and Takes the Helm at The Aspen Commission

Commissioner George Mentz has achieved a remarkable milestone by being ranked as the world’s foremost Global Thought Leader and Influencer in diverse domains such as Management, FinTech, Wealth Management/Financial Planning, Project Management, HR Human Resources, and B2B, as recognized by various international analytics organizations. In addition to this, Dr./Jur. Mentz holds prominent positions in the public sector, serving as a Government Civil Service Commissioner for uniformed officers in one of the largest jurisdictions in the United States and as a Government Airport Commissioner for one of the world’s largest airports, which also includes Peterson Space Force.

Counselor Mentz’s illustrious career includes his recent role as a federal Commissioner for the White House and the US Department of Education in the Presidential Scholars Programs. Notably, he has assumed the role of CEO at The Aspen Commission™ (, a global educational institution dedicated to fostering a world of peace characterized by harmony, high standards, sustainability, diplomacy, freedom, and prosperity.

Apart from his role at The Aspen Commission™, Mentz serves as the CEO and board member of several companies, including The Resource Exchange, which allocates approximately $25 million annually to support Colorado communities in need. He has also contributed to advisory boards for organizations such as the World Ecommerce Forum in the UK, the Global Finance Forum in Switzerland, the Loyola University Alumni Board in the USA, and the US Military Educators Association.

Professor Mentz has held the position of a wealth management law professor for several years at one of the top-tier law schools in the USA, #29 Ranked Texas A&M Law School. Throughout his tenure, he has received numerous teaching awards, spanning a quarter-century teaching over 250 courses for accredited business schools and law schools worldwide.

Furthermore, George Mentz is an accomplished author, having published over 100 books and audio books that have earned him an International Book Award. Two of his wealth management books have also achieved an Award on the Book Authority’s list of Top 20 Wealth Books of all time, while many of his business, leadership, and diplomacy-related books have secured positions as national bestsellers on Amazon.

In the present year, George Mentz through much legal work has acquired the Lordship and Manorial rights over the lands of the Ennerdale Forest Valley in Copeland, Cumbria, near Scotland. This grand estate spans roughly 17,000 acres and boasts rivers, glacial lakes, mountains, Anglo-Saxon ruins, hiking trails, and waterfalls, making it one of the UK’s most splendid manors and a sanctuary of natural beauty. His efforts in this domain are focused on environmental protection, forestry, protecting glacial lakes, and the preservation of ancient historical sites.

Comm’r George Mentz also holds the distinguished title of Seigneur of the Fief Blondel of Guernsey, a 1,000-year-old fief territory registered with the Royal Courts and the Crown under King Charles III.   Commissioner Mentz was recently knighted in Prague as a member of the Ancient Order of St. Georg Habsburg-Lorraine and is a member of the Yale Club New York and an associate member of St. George House in Windsor Castle, UK.

Commissioner George Mentz and The GAFM Global Academy of Finance & Management® are jointly committing up to $101 million in scholarship benefits over time, with a focus on supporting ethnic students, disabled students, veterans, and peace officers across Africa, the USA, India, Asia, Arabia, and Latin America. Notably, Mentz has already donated $10 million towards these lifetime scholarships to those in need. In the realm of charitable outreach, Professor George Mentz has been elected and sanctioned as a leader in the WAC Worldwide Anglican Church, which actively invests in helping families around the globe.

Counselor George Mentz’s educational background includes a Doctor of Jurisprudence JD degree from an ABA accredited law school, an MBA in international business and financial planning from an AACSB accredited business school, and licensure as an attorney. He has also earned an international legal studies diploma-certification and was conferred a DSS Doctor of Spiritual Studies Degree by the Emerson Institute for his research and dissertation publications. In terms of diversity and inclusion, Counselor Mentz takes pride in his Sicilian, Hispanic, EurAsian (French, German, Scottish, and Irish ancestry), West Asian, Dravidian, Arab, North African, and Native American heritage. He pursues interests in genealogy, travel, research, and tennis.

Mentz’s reputation extends to advisory roles on various standards and accreditation bodies and colleges across Europe and Asia, where he has received accolades, including Professorship awards. He has also served as an economic advisor to a successful presidential campaign and contributes to various news media outlets as a wealth management expert and economist. 

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