Colorado Producers Embark on an Exciting Journey to Buenos Aires for “Inside the Heart” of Buenos Aires Pilot Episode

Charles Nathan , Kevin Shand and Art Thomas

Denver, CO & Buenos Aires, AR – January 18, 2024 – Three Colorado-based producers from Chameleon Global Entertainment, Belize Global Media, and Pedras Productions have joined forces to collaborate on the production of the pilot episode of the much-anticipated travel series, “Inside the Heart” of Buenos Aires. The brainchild of Charles Nathan, founder of Chameleon Global Entertainment, this series promises a fresh perspective on travel, bringing audiences closer to the vibrant heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Art Thomas, Head of Visual Production for Belize Global Media, expresses his excitement about the project: “I was thrilled to receive the call to travel to South America. Charles has crafted a unique vision for this travel show genre. This marks my first time on the continent and my 44th country.”

The series is set to showcase the essence of Buenos Aires, its rich culture, introducing viewers to the warmth of its people. Charles Nathan, the creator, envisions the show leaving a lasting impression on U.S. audiences: “People from the United States will be captivated by the genuine hospitality and charm of this beautiful location.”

Kevin Shand, owner of Pedras Productions, shares his enthusiasm for bridging cultures through the series: “I always enjoy working towards fostering cultural connections, and this show will play a pivotal role in achieving that objective.”

“Inside the Heart” of Buenos Aires aims to redefine the travel series experience, offering a fresh and immersive journey into the heart of one of South America’s most captivating cities.

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About “Inside the Heart” of Buenos Aires

“Inside the Heart of Buenos Aires” is a groundbreaking travel series created by Charles Nathan, the visionary founder of Chameleon Global Entertainment. The series provides an authentic and captivating exploration of Buenos Aires, showcasing its people, culture, and the heartbeat that makes it a unique destination.

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