Colorado Company Creates Childproof Preroll Packaging Container

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado along with 8 other states in the US, many marijuana-related products have been introduced to the markets. For the first time ever, America has a place where people can purchase pre-rolled marijuana joints and smoke them freely and legally. The only challenge is keeping these pre-rolled joints fresh and safe from children.

Two business partners, Cody Ziering and Brett Gelfand, in Colorado formed the company, PAQ Ltd., to address these concerns. The name of their first and flagship product is JPAQ, which is a specially designed pre-roll packaging container that is gasket sealed and child resistant certified. It is a vessel with which people can use to carry and store their pre-rolls securely without drawing attention.

“Our main objective is to create and design products which provide solutions to hand-rolled smokers and enhance their smoking experience,” said Ziering of PAQ Ltd. “The JPAQ satisfies all the needs of smokers who prefer the traditional hand-rolled joints for their recreational pleasure.”

The JPAQ keeps pre-rolled marijuana joints fresh for a longer time period. Users do notneed to worry about damaging their pre-rolls either because there are multiple slotted compartments inside the packaging that are reserved for each pre-rolled joint. The solid plastic frame of the compartments prevents the pre-rolls from getting damaged whenever they are accidentally shaken or dropped. The JPAQ also serves as a childproof pre-roll exit packaging. Most legal cannabis markets require cannabis products to be packaged in poison prevention packaging (child resistant containers), much like a  bottom of Tylenol or Advil.

The JPAQ was constructed with a patented design that features a gasket seal. This seal uses an o-ring that keeps the compartments sealed; extending the shelf life of the pre-rolls for both businesses and consumers. The JPAQ is about the same size as a smartphone. This gives users the ability to carry it in their pockets, purse, or backpack without any hassle. On the outside, it almost looks like a smartphone because of its size and shape. This provides discretion to users when they are out in public.

Environmentalists will be happy to know that the JPAQ is made from recyclable materials. The primary material of the frame is a thermoplastic called polypropylene, which is better known as PP. The JPAQ is made from a proprietary blend of recycled and virgin materials. Between this and the gasket seal, there is virtually no chance of the contents getting damaged while inside the unit.

The JPAQ is available for sale on the company’s website or from The joint cases currently come in either white or black, and will soon have various artworks. Individual casesare priced from $24.99. Wholesale buyers interested in large volumes and discount pricing should submit a sample request.

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