Collective Tanning Co. is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Beauty Stores Nationwide.

“@Stephweizeman is loving our bronzing mousse, A vegan product, using only a winning combo of natural and organic ingredients, you can’t go wrong!”
THE FRESHEST, CELEB-APPROVED, ORGANIC WAY TO BRONZE. NOW AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE: COLLECTIVE TANNING COMPANY PARTNERS WITH MR. CHECKOUT FOR LOCAL DISTRIBUTION OF BRONZING FOAM. Collective Tanning Co has created the ultimate self-tanning foam. Our lightweight self-tanning foam is infused with Aloe, Avocado oil and Rosehip oil, to nourish and moisturize your skin with a light coconut fragrance.

Dec 7, 2018 – Whether they’re walking the red carpet, grabbing coffee in SoHo, or jet-setting in their private 747’s, celebrities and beauty insiders are opting to keep a natural bronze glow every day, and all year long. But, gone are the days spent sunbathing on the yacht or enjoying extended bouts of sun exposure, sans hats and SPF, to gain those perfect tans. Now, it’s all about bronzing foam and organic indoor alternatives—and consumers are taking notice.

In fact, recent research indicates that by the end of 2026 the self-tanning marketplace will reach nearly $5.5 Billion in sales. This comprehensive research shows significant awareness and expansive demand for self-tanning products, up from the market’s $171 Million sales circa 2016. While the demand is partly due to a societal shift towards sun safety and decreasing cancer risks, it’s also a collective representation of the emerging beauty culture. That is, a culture focused on maintaining a youthful glow; a move away from chemical-based products; a pivot to more authentic and responsible individuality.

Collective Tanning Company’s new partnership with Mr. Checkout marks an important moment for the sunless industry and consumers alike, speeding up the mass-market appeal and national availability of an effective and organic sunless foam.

We started our company with a vision to develop a tanning product worthy of the most discerning beauty insiders, celebs, and beauty-conscious consumers. A product that not only bronzes the skin, but provides layers of deep moisture, using nature’s finest ingredients. At the top of the ingredient list are Rose Hip oil, Avocado oil, and Aloe, to truly nourish the skin. We’re most proud to say that the bronzing foam is 100% paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan.

“We are super passionate about living clean and using clean ingredients with our Family. So, it was our number one goal to not only make a top-notch bronzing foam that really works and lasts, but one that’s not full of harmful and gross ingredients,” says owner’s Joe Regehr and Sarah Ramsay

Unlike most self-tanners, we worked hard to ensure that our foam would be friendly to use (novice use included) and provide the most even glow. Which is why we packed in properties to help eliminate post-application stickiness, extended drying time, and staining. Within an hour, this foam gives an even glow and doesn’t rub off on fabric. Thus, saving clothes and sheets and sofas in the process.

With its light coconut fragrance and medium to dark natural bronzing selections, Collective Tanning Company has become a favorite among celebs, influencers, and consumers alike. Just ask Style Influencer Stephanie Weizman. Or NFL Cheerleader Sage Cifaloglio, among others.

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