Collateral Base Lead Attorney, Tom Howard’s Podcast Reaches 10k Subscribers

Collateral Base Lead Attorney, Tom Howard’s Podcast Reaches 10k Subscribers

The podcast is on all providers and live on facebook & youtube.
The Podcast rehashes the week’s news in the emerging agriculture industry, where regulations are constantly changing as more business opportunities arise.

Thomas Howard, a prominent lawyer in the emerging agriculture industry, joined by Miggy, a legislative reform advocate with over twenty years of experience, just hit 10.000 subscribers on their emerging agriculture news podcast that aims to inform people on the industry, not only with a news roundup each week but also with an exclusive insight of the legal issues businesses might face.

Now that the emerging agriculture industry is gaining traction, with more states changing their regulations towards it, interest in jumping into the field has increased exponentially, and so has the confusion over the many laws that frame the industry. Each week Tom and Miggy seek to fight misinformation, giving entrepreneurs the essential details they need to get into the emerging agriculture industry.

This team of experts will guide you through the newest trends, legalization updates, FAQs, and latest developments in the emerging agriculture industry in all legalized states.

“We work to be a very useful source of information in a misunderstood industry,” says Thomas Howard.

“You say 10,000 subs I say 10,000 friends in a fight for decency”, said Miggy.

As the emerging agriculture industry continues to grow, so does the CLN community. Reaching 10,000 subscribers on the podcast has only encouraged the team to create more exclusive content for its followers, extremely useful if you are an emerging agriculture enthusiast or potential business owner in the industry

And since Tom and Miggy care to answer those questions no one seems to find a response to, you can always reach out to, and Tom and his staff will gladly answer your inquiries, maybe even have your company interviewed regarding the legal issues it faces.

Subscribe, sit back, and stay informed as legalization happens.

About The Team

After 10 years of experience providing legal services for emerging agriculture businesses all around the country, Tom Howard, lead attorney of the firm Collateral Base, created a law blog where he and his team have set their efforts to educate and inform people about the lucrative business of emerging agriculture. You can sign up for their newsletter that will include lots of actionable intelligence for your emerging agriculture business.  Make sure you subscribe to Tom’s podcast on YouTube or your favorite podcast provider. 

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