Collateral Base Launches Pitch Deck Service Package for Emerging Agricultural Industry.

Collateral Base Launches Pitch Deck Service Package for Emerging Agricultural Industry.

“So many of my clients want into this new growing industry for adult use of the plant, but they do not understand the cost and profit opportunity – so we built this Pitch Deck service product,” says Thomas Howard.

“Investors don’t read the whole business plan,” said Kincaid, “but they want to know you have one.”

The Pitch Deck seeks to help entrepreneurs in the emerging agriculture industry whose business needs financing, helping to create solid business plans to catch the attention of potential investors.

Thomas Howard, prominent lawyer in the emerging agriculture industry, and Josh Kincaid, a capital market analyst with over twenty years of experience joined forces to launch their new Pitch Deck Service in order to help people create solid business plans that catch the attention of potential investors.

Now that the emerging agriculture industry is gaining traction, with more states changing their regulations towards it, this might be the perfect time to jump into the game field, but you have to be well prepared for the endeavor.

This team of experts will guide you through successful pitch decks from MSOs, reviewing them and helping you create a custom deck you can use in your own venture.

The service aims to help entrepreneurs focus their business into fifteen slides and build a framework of what to do with capital in order to make it grow. So if you are wondering how to raise capital onto your business, need help creating a business plan or just need an extra push to get into the emerging agriculture industry, the Pitch Deck Service is what you need. Also, if you have other inquiries you can’t seem to find anywhere else, you can always reach out to and Tom and his staff will gladly answer your questions.

About The Collateral Base Team

After 10 years of experience providing legal services for emerging agriculture businesses all around the country, Tom Howard, lead attorney of the firm Collateral Base, created a law blog where he and his team have set their efforts to educate and inform people about the lucrative business of emerging agriculture. You can sign up for their newsletter that will include lots of actionable intelligence for your emerging agriculture business.  Make sure you subscribe to Tom’s podcast on YouTube or your favorite podcast provider. 

On the other hand, Josh Kincaid worked in finance as a capital market analyst for years before turning exclusively to the emerging agriculture industry. Nowadays he’s on the Board of Advisors, as well as a Capital Market Analyst, Director of Finance and contract for CFO for companies throughout North America. He has a degree in International Business Management from Western Washington University and a Masters degree in Finance from City University of Seattle and intends to leverage his resources and expertise to drive the emerging agriculture industry further.

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