Bonus To Be Distributed – Coinlancer Offering 3 Million CL Tokens

25th January, 2018 – Coinlancer proudly announced 3 million CL tokens bonus that will be distributed to each participant. Coinlancer is an Ethereum based platform where freelancers and clients connect remotely through smart contracts. On Coinlancer, clients post job opportunities and job seekers avail the same. Payments for a job offer are made in CL token once the rules set in the smart contracts are met. Coinlancer embrace blockchain technology to help you keep up with the trend of freelancing. Safe, Secure and transparent!  Say goodbye to outdated job markets, and take your plunge into freelancing on Coinlancer for better performance and engagement. It’s made freelancing secure. Discover more than what traditional freelancing platforms offer.

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“We would like to invite you all to participate in Airdrop that starts from Jan 24th, 2018. We have allocated 3 million tokens to the Airdrop 1 Campaign, The participants who purchase CL tokens until Feb 21st and hold them until April 30th will be eligible to claim the Airdrop 1 bonus,” said the spokesperson coinlancer, while talking about the Bonus to be distributed.  “The participants who already own CL tokens may accumulate more and plan to hold them until the end of Airdrop 1 campaign to claim the bonus. The Participant can register using their Coinlancer registered email id & provide their Ethereum wallet address. If we find that you use multiple accounts to participate, you will be disqualified immediately,” he added.

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CL is primarily a utility token and can be utilized to avail services of the Coinlancer platform. However, token holders can issue CL tokens on Ethereum public blockchain or trade it with other digital or traditional currencies on exchange platforms. As the freelancing platform becomes popular among users, there will be a demand for more CL tokens which would thereby increase value for the existing token holders.

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