Co-Founder Of Award-Winning Anteel Tequila Partners With Michigan Bottled Water Brand

Co-Founder Of Award-Winning Anteel Tequila Partners With Michigan Bottled Water Brand
Not just a bottled water but a brand that gives back, supporting mental health organizations. DOPE stands for Daring, Original, Purpose and Esoteric.
Don Ferguson, co-founder of multiple award-winning Anteel Tequila partners with BDOPE, LLC to re-launch bottled water brand DOPE Water.

DETROIT, MI – April 27, 2022 – Don Ferguson, co-founder of Michigan headquartered, multiple Award-Winning premium tequila brand Anteel Tequila, has become a partner and Business Development Director for Michigan based bottled water brand B DOPE, LLC.

BDOPE, LLC was founded in 2019 by Jackie Wallace, a Michigan business owner, songwriter, published author and mental health awareness advocate. B DOPE was founded to become a catalyst for hope, encouragement, and connection in the communities around Michigan, and the world. BDOPE has a heavy focus on giving back to the community and supporting mental health organizations in Michigan.

To further the movement, vision and ideology of BDOPE, Jackie launched a bottled water called DOPE Water, created a clothing line, and initiated a National Holiday entitled “Sit With A Stranger Day”. Sit With A Stranger Day is recognized by the National Day Archives and is celebrated yearly on September 16th. This day is to encourage people to communicate with each other for the purpose of becoming less judgmental and more open-minded and understanding of others.

When it came time re-launch DOPE (which stands for Daring, Original, Purpose and Esoteric) Water in late 2021, Jackie reached out to Don Ferguson, who along with his wife Nayana, co-founded Curious Inception, a business consulting company that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs follow their dreams, to assist with the project.

Don and Jackie worked on building the BDOPE brand, something that she began herself just before the pandemic stopped everything in its tracks. They worked on branding, securing statewide distribution, a mission statement, and a marketing plan to strengthen and evolve the company.

With a belief that Don could help BDOPE grow just like he did with Anteel Tequila, deeper conversations ensued, and Jackie presented Don with an opportunity to become a partner in BDOPE, LLC.

“BDOPE is more than a bottled water company, it’s a movement and one that I want to be part of,” said Ferguson. The brand, which is early in its phase of a statewide launch has already received national attention by a few Olympian athletes that support mental health awareness initiatives, a topic near and dear to the owners of BDOPE, LLC.

The beverage industry is on a steady incline with projected bottled water sales to increase from $303 billion annually currently to $509 billion by 2028. The U.S. market is the largest for bottled water sales and has been since the early 2000’s when bottled water sales increased in popularity. Portability, preference over tap water and consumers drinking more water will contribute to the increase and branding will be the difference.

The BDOPE team have strategically planned to grow the brand like Don and his wife did with Anteel Tequila. A tequila brand that has expanded into 12 markets in just 3 years winning 32 International Awards and being featured in Forbes, Essence, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and Cheddar News.

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