Coffee Pods are a Hot Ticket Item but There are Many Choices

Coffee is loved by many throughout the world. Convenience in making coffee, however, is important also and consumers love coffee pods for this reason. Coffee pods create great-tasting coffee within a few minutes with no fuss or muss. Invigo coffee has created a ‘Comprehensive Guide to Coffee Pods 2021’ to assist coffee lovers in choosing the best pods for their tastes. 

Coffee pods are a bit new to the industry and therefore many consumers find that they purchase them ‘hit and miss.’ Pods can be compared to tea bags where water is filtered through the pod into a cup or vessel underneath, just as is done with brewing coffee the standard method. The only difference is, coffee pods are a ‘pop and go’ solution eliminating the need to fill a coffee maker with water and then also fill a filter with coffee. 

Coffee pods eliminate clean-up of grinds and a used filter. One cup at a time can also be made, thereby eliminating the need to reheat stale coffee. Initially, coffee pods were just like tea bags and came in a tea bag-like filter only. Progress has been made and the pods now can be encased in plastic, aluminum, or other materials. This adds to the convenience; however, some recycling might be needed for certain types of pods as they do not decompose quickly in the environment. 

This may all sound confusing but that is why Invigo Coffee provides the ‘Comprehensive Guide to Coffee Pods 2021.’ The convenience of pods extends to not only in-house use, but the pods can be easily packed when traveling so that your favorite type of coffee is on hand when you want it. Not all coffee drinkers enjoy the same strength or brew type.

From mild breakfast blends to medium roast to dark rich roasts, there are coffee strengths and flavors now to suit almost every coffee drinker alike. Even espresso is available in coffee pods now. Choosing the right strength and brew makes all the difference in the enjoyment and Invigo Coffee offers pods that would suit almost every coffee aficionado.

The freshness of any coffee is the most important element. Although using stale coffee either through traditional brewing or with pods, will not harm anyone, the flavor will be off and not taste as excellent as it should. Invigo ensures that all its pods are constantly checked for expiration dates and all coffee pods are as fresh as can be. 

As one client raved, ‘Invigo Coffee pods are a delightful way to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee each time I want one. I even take them to work as I can have a fresh cup each time.’ Using the ‘Comprehensive Guide to Coffee Pods’ is a great way for beginners to start enjoying coffee pods and even a great way for seasoned pods users to explore new types of brews and roasts.

About Invigo Coffee

Invigo Coffee understands the interwoven love of good coffee that Canadians demand. Invigo Coffee was founded years ago by individuals that were lovers of coffee themselves. The company provides the best possible pods. Freshness and ease of brewing are the mission of the company. The new ‘Comprehensive Guide to Coffee Pods 2021’ helps their clients in choosing the correct pods for their taste. 

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