Code Switch Academy Launches Homeschool and Supplemental Lessons for Children to Combat Racial Bias

Code Switch Academy Launches Homeschool and Supplemental Lessons for Children to Combat Racial Bias

Career educator announces the launch of Code Switch Academy, an educational resource website delivering play-based, anti-bias curricula, lesson plans, and unit studies for children

One mom is channeling her dedication to eradicating implicit racial bias and helping children grow into naturally compassionate, inclusive adults through the launch of Code Switch Academy, a homeschool and supplemental education resource website. Giselle Fuerte, a first-generation AfroLatin immigrant and career educator, has developed play-based, anti-bias homeschool curriculum, lesson plans, and unit studies for children ages 5 and up that, she says, “Break free of the status quo, singular-perspective history that is commonly taught from cradle-to-grave, and give children vocabulary that correctly and naturally expands who is included in stories about our world—from Medieval Times, to The Renaissance, to nursery rhymes, to The Wild West, and beyond.”

Racial bias is embedded in language and culture due to hegemonic practices. The platform will enable children to become adults who positively impact the way we see and value the world: as a diverse chorus of voices, perspectives, and needs necessitating equal consideration.

Fuerte says, “My hope is that, through Code Switch Academy, children of color will gain an innate understanding that their history and lives are not ones of suffering and trauma, but of contribution and positive legacy, and that white children in the Western world will one day walk into a homogenous classroom, homogenous circle of friends, a board room, or a congressional caucus meeting and immediately think to themselves, ‘Something is missing here. People whose voices matter are missing here. This room in no way represents the real world we live in. Let me fix that.’”

Fuerte, who holds a graduate degree in education, says Code Switch Academy ( will offer digital, downloadable lessons on topics ranging from Great Explorers, Great Poets, Magicians, Mermaids, Royalty, and a host of other topics. The lessons can supplement curricula schools or parents are already using, or can be used as stand-alone unit studies for homeschooled children.

Code Switch Academy unit studies are available for preorder now and is slated to officially launch beginning 26 December.

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