Coach With Sohan announces planned name change to “Business Works”

Leading providers of quality life and business strategy workshop, Get Focused, announced proposed name change to “Business Works” with effect from October

Get Focused Coaching Program is a comprehensive virtual workshop, bundled with a 12-week coaching program with weekly group coaching sessions, PDF files, practical, life-changing exercises on self-empowerment and the fastest way to boost your productivity. Providers of the program, Coach With Sohan, has announced that the company will be taking a new name – “Business Works”, effective 1st October, 2018 as part of plans to rebrand the company and ensure more effective service delivery.

Self-development is one of the most important aspects of business and personal growth. However, while some have been able to naturally develop this feature over the years, others require education from well-trained and highly-experienced business and self-development coaches to put them on the right track of the millionaire mindset. Over the years, the Get Focused Coaching Program anchored by the popular Sohan Gokarn has helped businesses and individuals to get more customers and attain success in their respective endeavors.

“I dream of millions of people and businesses making worthwhile accomplishments. I dream of millions raising happiness and living extraordinary lives. Share my vision. See the real change for yourself,” says Sohan Gokarn, founder of Coach with Sohan.

Coach With Sohan has taken the concept of teaching tips of becoming successful both in the business world and the personal world to a whole new level, breaking the barriers imposed by time, location, and even finances, allowing anyone across the globe to get premium quality life education anywhere they are without having to break the bank.

The popular Get Focused Coaching Program is designed to take participants through the practical tips of facing and overcoming business and life challenges. The 14-week program contains three private 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Sohan Gokarn, as well as practical tools, methods and knowledge.

Sohan Gokarn will also be sharing his wealth of knowledge at a conference in Los Angeles in front of more than 2,500 investors and business owners. Sohan will also be interviewing some of the very popular Hollywood celebrities which include the likes of Julia Roberts, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, and Jessica Simpson amongst others, as well as business executives like Calvin Klein and High Hilton.

Sohan Gokarn has also announced the imminent launch of a brand new event in the first quarter of 2019, in addition to launching a brand new ‘Business Wealth Accelerator’ global coaching program for aspiring as well as experienced business owners.

More information about Coach With Sohan and the different programs offered by the business can be found on the website.

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Coach With Sohan is a leading coaching business founded by Strategic Interventionist, Prosperity Coach, Founder and Podcast Host of Destination For Greatness, Sohan Gokarn. Sohan Gokarn has continued to demonstrate his passion for coaching individuals and businesses, and at the same time he loves having a lot of fun and empowering other forward thinking persons by helping them achieve their passion in life.

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