Co Cuc’s Thai Nguyen Tea – a famous specialty possessing unforgettable flavors

Tea is extremely familiar and used as a daily drink. There are a lot of different types of tea coming from provinces and cities across the country. However, Thai Nguyen tea is always the first choice of customers as well as became the best famous specialty in the country. So, let’s find out the reason why Thai Nguyen tea is so delicious through the following article.


Thai Nguyen tea is a famous specialty of Vietnamese

Thai Tuyen girls and tea are the saying that has been handed down from generation to generation. It can be said that green tea tree is a kind of tree easy growth and developed. Especially, tea in Thai Nguyen has a very unique flavor all a time and always makes anyone attractive.

Thai Nguyen where is known as it’s tea specialty by many people in the country and the whole world, is really gentle and friendly . When you open the lid of the teacup, the aroma of tea fly away. Then taking a sip of tea, you will taste pretty acrid, sweetness in the throat and the sweetness increasingly spreads.

The taste of Thai Nguyen tea is delicious because it is bathed by the Cong river, the land is suitable for tea trees, along with the hard work and effort of the people who have put their heart and soul into the tea tree. Therefore, Thai Nguyen tea has become one of the famous specialties and meaningful gifts.

Introduction of Thai Nguyen tea

Thai Nguyen tea is a famous green tea nationwide, thanks to its sweet nuggets, rich greasy taste and lasting sweetness. So if you want to enjoy delicious tea, come to Thai Nguyen.

In each region of Vietnam, there are famous specialties, Thai Nguyen is known as green tea. Thai Nguyen green tea is not only famous all over the country but people here consider it as a pride.

The origin of Thai Nguyen tea tree originates from Tan Cuong commune – a famous tea area and still exists today. This tea brings a lot of benefits to human health. Therefore, many people have a habit of drinking tea every single day.

Learn Xinjiang Thai Nguyen tea

Thai Nguyen is the land of tea trees but the most famous and well known is Tan Cuong tea . Xinjiang tea is not only planted in Xinjiang commune but also in two neighboring communes: Phuc Triu and Phuc Xuan.

Why is Xinjiang tea delicious?

Natural conditions: All 3 communes of Tan Cuong, Phuc Xuan and Phuc Triu are communes of the semi-mountainous region, alternating with many narrow valleys, with the Cong River flowing through them, all 3 adjacent or nearby Nui Coc Lake and located to the east of the Tam Dao mountain range. In terms of soil containing trace elements, the climate is considered ideal for tea plants.

The experience of planting, tending and processing of people by manual methods made the tea retains a very specific flavor. There are a varieties of perennial tea with tea trees aged up to hundred years old.

It is these reasons that explain why Xinjiang tea is considered a famous specialty of Thai Nguyen. And every opportunity to come to Thai Nguyen land, everyone must buy Xinjiang tea as a gift to relatives and friends.

Tan Cuong tea not only brings passionate aroma, sweet and deep sweetness, but also gives people an elegant taste.

Thai Nguyen tea processing process CLEAN

Step 1: Collect the tea

At the time of picking tea, farmers often exchanges with each other to pick tea. They usually pick Thai Nguyen tea in the late afternoon and avoid the tea leaves being crushed and broken.

Step 2: Let the tea wilt slightly and disable a tea yeast

Thai Nguyen tea after being picked is slightly dried then drained into the rotary kiln for 3-5 minutes to disable the yeast. At the same time the tea wings are soften to facilitate tea cracking by machine so that the wings are not crushed.

Step 3: Rub the tea and loosen the bud

Tea buds have just come out of the drawers to kill the yeast, continue roll out the tea leaves to curl the tea leaves evenly together then crush the cells of the leaves and make Thai Nguyen tea juice secreted out of the surface of the tea buds. When it dry, the tea wing will be more glossy. Afterwards, they shook the tea bud. It can be crumpled by hand or with a teaping machine

Step 4: Dry the tea

Farmers put tea into the drawers in such a way that wings more firm and eye-catching, the fragrance radiating aroma is a standard tea. How can tea be of high quality? Because of the hand of the person who feels it so well that the temperature in the drawers is not too high, the tea will burn. This requires Thai Nguyen tea stars to be experienced and meticulously careful.

Note: At present, the method of copying Thai Nguyen tea with a pan on a fire stove has been replaced by “sao” with a rotating drawer attached to a motor and heated with firewood under a rotating drawer, the mouth of the furnace next to the rotating cup.

Where to buy delicious Thai Nguyen tea in Hanoi and HCMC?

Co Cuc Thai Nguyen tea is a unit specializing in producing, trading and distributing Thai Nguyen tea products  with over 20 years of experience in the market.

With enthusiasm to bring Clean tea products, safe for everyone’s health and true to the value of the product. We will do everything we can to bring value to customers with  SLOGAN  “Pure tea, real value”.

Buy Thai Nguyen Co Cuc tea, what are customers?

  • Quality products, 100% guaranteed, no color, no MSG, no flavorings, new products in the nearest time.
  • The price corresponds to the quality of the product
  • Customers can try before buying and buy only when true to the customer’s desire for the product
  • Sales and delivery in the inner city of Hanoi
  • Packaging specifications selected by the customer
  • In particular, customers can also enjoy the most delicious, rich and natural tea lines created by long-time tea star artisans on the slippery, green and fertile hillsides.

Come to Thai Nguyen Tea Co Cuc  to enjoy the pure value of the place that has created the brand “First name tea” of Thai Nguyen region.





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