Cmoapi Is Offering Cetilistat for Research Purpose

Cmoapi Is Offering Cetilistat for Research Purpose
Recognized as the anti-obesity drug, Cetilistatis an inhibit of gastrointestinal lipases that works by averting the digestion of dietary fats. However, not many experts are aware of this benefit and only a handful know about its working. Thus, has come up with a dedicated page giving information about this drug, which it produces and sells only for research purpose.

Shandong, China –, an enterprise focusing on research and development of different drugs and other pharmaceuticals, has published a new post on Cetilistat. This drug is used to treat obesity by taking it along a low-fat, low-caloriediet and an ideal weight-loss workout. It is sold with different brand names such as Oblean, Kilfat, and Cetislim.

The post starts by giving the basic properties of the drug in a tabular format, including solubility, melting point, dosage, molecular formula, and grade. This is then followed by a brief introduction after which an explanation about how it works is shared.

This is where visitors recognize how this anti-obesity drug is different from other anti-obesity agents. It is revealed that one cannot rely only on this drug to lose weight; it is essential to combine it with proper diet and exercise.

Next, the visitors learn the difference between Cetilistat and Orlistatboth of which are prescription drugs for getting rid of obesity. It is shown how Cetilistat is better in terms of toleration than Orlistat.

The visitors then go through the benefits and side effects of this drug along with the best candidates for the same. Lastly, the post informs about the sources from where one can buy the drug. In the end, references are given to ensure that the information in the post is authentic.

According to a spokesperson, “We are not only the large-scale producers of Cetilistat but also its informers. We believe in selling only after informing. This drug from us is not meant for consumption or household uses.”


Established in 2007, CMOAPI is a biotechnological enterprise firm committed to research, development, and selling of therapeutic raw materials. It is a supplier of these pharmaceuticals including lorcaserin and tadalafil and their intermediates, sesamol, orlistat, and cetilistat. It uses advanced detection equipment, has passed ISO14001, ISO9001, GMP, and DMF certifications, and employs a total quality management system.

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