Club Penguin Go Announces New Club Penguin Walkthrough Tutorials

“The Complete Club Penguin Guidelines”
Club Penguin Go, which has gained a solid following among Club Penguin gamers, recently announced new codes, cheats and walkthroughs are now available on the website. This announcement generated a lot of positive reaction in social media, and the responses from Club Penguin players have been positive as well.

“We’re pleased to note that in such a short time we’ve managed to make an impact in the Club Penguin community,” says website spokesperson Kevin Clark. “We know the field is crowded, so we went all out and made sure our content is unique and relevant. We realize that the trust our customer’s place on us entails great responsibility, but we are up to the task.”

Since Cub Penguin was released in 2005, it has become nothing short of a gaming sensation with millions of gamers around the world. While a lot of people enjoy the game and spend hours playing, there are very few reliable walkthroughs, codes, and cheats available, and the few available online are inadequate.

“The reason we put up this website was to fulfill a need,” Clark says. “The fact is a lot of the walkthroughs online are incomplete and lack details. We have seen these walkthroughs and most of them assume the reader knows what they’re talking about. Our walkthrough guide is different because we cover all the steps and make certain you’ll be able to complete each level.”

The same approach, Clark says, is taken when it comes to the cheats and codes that are presented on the website. The popularity of Club Penguin has led to the proliferation of websites with codes. However, the codes on many of these websites lack regarding content and quality, and it is a shortcoming that Club Penguin Go seeks to address.

“You can say there’s a large demand for Club Penguin codes, but it’s not being met. A lot of the codes you see have expired and are useless. At Club Penguin Go we take care and make certain only the latest codes are posted. We know how frustrating it can be to try these cheat codes only to find that they are not working. True, there are hundreds of codes online, but we’re the only one that makes certain the codes are accurate and current.”

Clark also points out they also have codes from the Club Penguin books, something that a lot of gamers will appreciate. “We know how much players love the freebies that come with these codes, and since not everyone has access to those books, we have made them available on our website.”

The emergence of Club Penguin Go has proven to be a boon for the players, and according to Clark, the positive response they’ve received is spurring them on. “We’re moving forward,” he says.

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