Clinic Launches Guide to Help People Understand the Benefits of Physio

A Toronto physiotherapy clinic has issued a special guide to help its patients understand the benefits of physio for all sorts of health conditions – not just muscular aches and pains.

Bay College Physiotherapy is using the guide to highlight how physio can help with cardio and respiratory health conditions, and nervous system disorders as well as musculoskeletal and orthopaedic problems.

“Many people dismiss physio support as they don’t think they need it because they are not sports people or they don’t have a pulled muscle or muscular aches and pains. We want to try to help people understand how beneficial physiotherapy support can be for all sorts of health conditions.

“Most people turn to physio for physical therapy after injuries to help improve their range of movement. Health conditions that impact breathing, the lungs and the heart can all benefit from certain types of physiotherapy. Physical therapy can help in the management of conditions like asthma and improve lung capacity. It can also improve heart function.

“Then physiotherapy can also help to treat neurological conditions. This includes helping people who have lost ability due to a stroke. It can also help people who have spinal cord injuries. Physiotherapy can also help people who have suffered brain injuries as a result of physical impact. People who suffer with migraines and multiple sclerosis can also use physio to help treat their conditions.

Bay College Physio is part of the Bay College Medical & Lockwood Clinic in downtown, which offers a whole range of different healthcare services. These include opticians, dentists, x-ray, pharmacists, cardiologists, audiologists, dieticians, urologists, dermatologists, gynaecology specialists and a general family doctor practice. The clinic has been a key part of the local community for 100 years. It was established by Dr Ambrose Lockwood in 1921 and has now grown into a ‘one-stop’ medical and healthcare centre.

The clinic has a team of highly qualified, certified, and experienced physical therapists that help its patients with recovery, strength development and rehabilitation.

“We have all sorts of different methods and it is important we tailor every treatment plan to the individual as everyone responds differently to different types of therapy. We use a combination of exercise, stretching, massage and water therapy to help patients with their recovery,” he added.

Patients must book their appointments with the team in the state of the art physical rehab centre at the clinic. Flexible scheduling is available, and the clinic offers special cost effective solutions to ensure everyone has access to the treatment they need.

About Bay College Physio

Bay College Physio is a physiotherapy clinic within the Bay College Medical & Lockwood clinic in Toronto. The physio team offer of services to help people with rehabilitation and recovery from a range of different health conditions in a state of the art facility.

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