Clinic Issues Special Winter Dry Skin Treatment Guide

A specialist skin clinic has issued a special guide to dry skin treatment during the harsh Canadian winters.

Canada MedLaser Clinics has warned people to take care of their skin this winter with a proper skincare regime.

A spokeswoman from the clinic said: “There are lots of different reasons that people suffer with dry skin. They might be sensitive to particular soaps, detergents or shampoos that can cause the skin to dry out. As people get older, they skin naturally gets drier, so they might need to change their skincare regime. And living in Toronto and Canada means that people are exposed to harsh temperatures in the winter that can impact the skin. The increase in the use of indoor heating and hot showers in wintertime can dry out and damage the skin.”

Common symptoms of dry skin include redness, flaking, scaling or peeling, roughness, dullness or greyness, itching, fine lines and cracks, and sometimes there might be deep cracks and bleeding.

She added: “Having dry, red or flaky skin can have a huge impact on a person’s confidence. Just some good advice and simple changes to their skincare regime, and it could not only transform their skin, but it could transform their life.

“Many people will try home remedies to try to combat the problems, but they will only last for a couple of days before the problems return.

“At Canada MedLaser Clinics, we offer our clients facial treatments they can build into their routines and medical grade skin products for all skin types, so the skin is being treated deep down.

“Most people will need a different moisturizer during the winter months and the skin will need more support. We would also appeal to them to book an appointment with our highly qualified and experience skincare specialist who can recommend a skincare regime that would be tailor-made for them,” she added.

Some of the treatments that Canada MedLaser Clinics offers for its clients include an AquaPure Facial and using Vivier Skincare. AquaPure Facials use the latest technology and an intensive hydration method to cure dry skin issues. It is a four-step procedure. The first is an aqua peel that gets rid of dead skin cells, clears blocked pores and deeply cleanses the skin. The second is an electroporation that uses stable electrical currents to deliver nutrients deep into the skin. Then there is a micro-current technology that boosts circulation in the skin. Then the final stage is a combination of heating and cooling that minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and promote skin repair.

Vivier Skincare is a medical grade range of products that is recommended by medical professionals to treat dry skin. It is packed with vitamin C, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and uses a special technology that ensures the products reach deep into the skin’s layers to hydrate and repair.

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