Clinched Google Keep Privacy with the Help of a Free VPN App

Organizing schedules and to-do lists has never been easier with Google Keep. This note-taking service has raised the bar when it comes to planning and organizing minor to major life events. That’s why mobile users don’t leave this Google service idle.

What’s even better is that users can save their Google Keep data by syncing it to their Gmail accounts. This way, when a user has decided to use another device, that person’s Google Keep data can also be stored on that device.

However, since there have been claims of Gmail hacking, it is quite unnerving to sync Google Keep data. For several people, their Google Keep does not just comprise schedules and to-do lists, most of the notes found on the service are just too personal to share. Others have just made it their diary. No wonder, the concept of syncing their Google Keep data terrifies them.

Fortunately, there is a simple method that could help Google Keep users not be afraid to sync their data on Gmail.

Connect to a VPN app

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a software tool that encrypts users’ data to keep all of them hidden from the third parties roaming around the web. What the VPN does is set up a secure connection between the user’s device and the internet.

When the connection is already established, all of the user’s data will be routed through the VPN tool’s secret virtual tunnel. This results in total anonymity, meaning, nobody can track or record one’s online data and activities.

With this, Google Keep users won’t have to worry about their privacy. However, users should still be wary when choosing a suitable VPN for them. Before installing a VPN, one should consider internet surfing habits, lifestyle, and budget.

For instance, if someone is willing to shell out some cash for a VPN, there are paid VPN apps that offer premium VPN services. These VPNs are mostly the top-rated ones, also, a few of them are costly.

But if a user does not want to spare money for a VPN, there are also free VPN apps available in virtual markets. But, users must do their research about these VPNs first as a number of free VPN apps have been flagged as ineffective and sketchy.

Good thing, there is a trusted, reliable, and safe free VPN app that can totally help Google Keep users assure their privacy.

Choose GoingVPN

GoingVPN is a free VPN app that also offers premium and high-quality VPN services. This free VPN’s tight encryption process helps users not become the targets of online threats that may attempt to view, record, or even steal their Google Keep data. 

Users can also gain total data privacy as GoingVPN does not sell users’ information to any bidders.

Also, this free VPN app has a built-in lightning-speed technology. This feature counters the negative effects of VPN encryption such as lags and buffers. So, when one is connected to GoingVPN, users will not experience any slowing down of their device’s speed and performance.

Not to mention, users can get protected anytime with GoingVPN’s offering of unlimited data bandwidth. A pro tip: one may leave the GoingVPN switch ‘on’ and just let the free VPN app do the work.

One can enjoy totally premium VPN services like these with just a free VPN. With GoingVPN, users need not pay for a monthly VPN subscription fee.

Download GoingVPN on Play Store or App Store.

For more information, visit GoingVPN’s website.

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