CLICC MEDIA INC Founder reveals the key factors that helped the company to achieve success


Clicc media began with one mission in mind: To help businesses financially grow and succeed by establishing an authoritative digital footprint through the use of data-proven internet marketing tactics.

One of Clicc media’s strongest values is how relatable we are. Clicc media is a small business ourselves, so they understand the work and attention it takes to create a well-oiled machine that will take users from the “new small guy” to being the go-to company in their target market. This is in addition to the time it takes to stay up-to-date with the constant evolution of Google algorithms – not to mention competitors who work tirelessly to acquire business leads.

Clicc media is passionate about helping businesses of all sizes grow and reach a level of exposure that reflects their hard work. They love building long-term partnerships by offering their insight, tools, and knowledge to make it all happen.

An Interview with CLICC MEDIA INC founder Marli Espinales:

To better understand the success of this great company, Media Coverage has asked some questions to CLICC MEDIA founder Marli Espinales.

Q: What differentiates CLICC MEDIA from competitors?

A: Transparency and education. We aim to offer as much transparency to our clients as possible and a lot of that begins with communication and education. Before we begin any campaign we make sure to set expectations correctly. Clients come to us for results and because they sometimes don’t know any better, they expect immediate results and depending on the service provided that is not always possible especially with SEO. It takes time for things to come to fruition, it’s a marathon and not a sprint. There are also good months and sub-par months when it comes to lead generation and a number of factors can contribute to that, so when we send out our reports we don’t hide it – we showcase the data and provide a new plan of action to better those results for the next month. We’ve had a lot of clients come back to us because of the quality work we provide and the honesty we showcase. It has helped us increase our trust factor.

Q: What problems CLICC MEDIA solves?

A: We aim to grow our client’s digital footprint and become a top contender, if not the top contender in their local market. We take them from unknown to an authority.

Q: What Are the 3 Biggest Accomplishments as CLICC MEDIA Founder and CEO?

A: Being able to work with a number of local businesses and help them enter the world of marketing and watch them succeed.

Growing our YouTube Channel and sharing our educational knowledge to help grow our community. It’s our way to show them, “we know what we’re doing”.

Being a successful female minority small-business open for over 5 years now.

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