June 26th, 2018 – The need to have clean water for domestic as well as industrial use has been one of the main concerns of man. CleanTara Shower Filter is an emerging company that deals with the production and sales of water filters for domestic use.

Everyday people take showers, in order to keep their hair and skin healthy. CleanTara Shower Filter introduces this 12-Stage simple to install water filter system that will make users’ skin feel softer and healthier, and in the long run, improve quality of users’ hair. Without good water filters, germs and other unwanted materials can slip into hair and pores of the skin — making the skin dry, and introducing microorganisms that may be dangerous to hair and skin health. This is the problem CleanTara Shower Filter, is looking to solve. Asides being quite simple to install, the water filters are a one-size-fits-all as the they fit into any shower head and handheld showers.

The products on sale range from baby shower filters, water filters, replacement faucet, handheld bathroom, handheld rain system, portable head drain bath, universal cartridge for softener, vitamin c home best with alkaline carbon inline filtered rainshower and a lot more. CleanTara Shower Filter is however, currently looking for ways to expand the business in regards to bathroom, health, and personal care products soon.

CleanTara Shower Filter will make your skin feel softer, keep your skin healthy by trapping germs that may be stuck in water which antiseptics may not be able to stop. We promise to do everything in our power to meet our customers’ needs and satisfactions, in order to promote Better Skin and Healthy Hair!” Spokesman for CleanTara Shower Filter said, in an interview about the company’s products. He expressed his hope that the new CleanTara Shower Filter water filters will be given a try and positive reviews from the public as well.

To learn more about CleanTara Shower Filter or to procure and install the company’s products, please visit CleanTara Shower Filter company’s website at

About Shower Filter

CleanTara Shower Filter is a family-owned company which specializes  in 12 stage install shower filters which help reduce unpleasant odors such as of chloride, remove bacteria and heavy metal from water, and enables families provide clean water for domestic use.

CleanTara Shower Filter engages in the sale of products which range from baby shower filter, water filters, replacement faucet, handheld bathroom, handheld rain system, portable head drain bath, universal cartridge for softener and lots more. These products have had the most effective results when used and have passed the Shenzhen Huatongwei International Inspection. These products also help to improve the quality of users’ hair and make their skin feel radiant.

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