Clean eating advocate and influencer, Valerie Grand, brings Swiss flair to social media followers

Switzerland – June 5, 2020 – Valerie Grand, also known as @Valeriesaprincess, is one of Switzerland’s top social media influencers. Since beginning her social media journey at 23 years old, which includes channels on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, Grand’s followers have watched the stunning social media model’s life unfold as she embraces clean living, healthy vegan eating and the latest trends in cruelty-free fashion and beauty. While sharing the beauty of her home and country with the world, Valerie’s followers also get a glimpse into her serious golf and workout skills as well as her adorably tiny, precocious, white and very fluffy dog, Coco.

What sets Valerie apart from other social media influencers is that she is based in a very small town in Switzerland. Valerie embraces nearby locations, European fashion and beauty trends as well as occasionally indulging in vegan-friendly pastries and European wines. Not only does she bring a European flair to her fans, she also communicates with her more than 130,000 followers in three languages including English, French and German.

“Being on this journey had been incredible,” explains Valerie. “Not only do I get to share some of my favourite locations around the world like London, Turkey and Dubai, I also get to expand knowledge of those places with my followers. There are so many influencers in North America, England and Asia but influencers from Switzerland are still pretty rare. I love that I can show a European lifestyle that also aligns with so many of the trends around the world like veganism, cruelty-free fashion trends and the latest fitness workouts. I get to put my own spin on those trends and judging from the comments and thousands and thousands of likes on my posts, my followers really love what I share. I really enjoy working with brands that I love and helping my followers to find clothes, beauty products, food, and vacation locations they may have never known about before seeing my posts.”

@Valerieisaprincess broke through the 100,000 followers mark on Instagram in September of 2019. Since than, she has worked with brands such as Drunk Elephant Cosmetics, Fashionnova, Goli Gummy Nutrition and Naturalmojo supplements.

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