Claudia David Coaches Professionals Into Landing the Job of Their Dreams

When garduating college or finishing a certification, graduates want to land the job of their dreams. They probably spent the last of their teenage years and the majority of their young adult life dreaming about the perfect role, the perfect company. Up until this point, they have done everything in their power to perfect their talent and their skills in order to be hired. However, they may seem to be struggling. It might be taking longer than expected and the interviews they thought they would have, are not happening. Lucky for them, Claudia David has decided to share her experience and coach them into landing the job of their dreams.

Who is Claudia David?

Claudia David is a bilingual trained recruiter who was born in Paraguay and graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management and a Minor in Business Administration. After graduating, she was recruited by Brown Mackie College to work as Assistant Director of Admissions. It was there she learned one of the best tips she gives to her clients nowadays: the 3 point close.

Her experience as a recruiter continued to grow and she was hired by Aerotek—a staffing agency. While working there, she learned the most important steps in the hiring process and began coaching candidates to land the jobs they had been dreaming of. One of her closest friends saw her talent and asked her to help him find the perfect job. Because the results were amazing, he recommended her to other people who needed to be coached. Thus, without really knowing it yet, Claudia was starting her new business.

She continued to be part of Corporate America as a Talent Acquisition Manager, helping different companies recruit the perfect candidates. However, she came to realize what she loved doing the most was helping others land their dream job and seeing them lead happy, successful careers. This newfound passion and her desire to leave a stressful job behind were what pushed her to create Redzone Talent to coach individuals one-on-one and help small companies.

One-on-One Coaching

When someone has the opportunity to interview for the role they have always wanted, it might be nerve-wracking and they might struggle to prepare themselves for the questions they have for you. As a professional recruiter with many years of experience, Claudia David understands this all too well. Since she graduated college, she has been part of the hiring process of many companies and now uses the tricks she learned during that time to help individuals who have been job hunting for a while.

Redzone Talent was created for people in different industries looking to land positions in a variety of levels. This trained coach helps every client identify their career goals, develop a job search plan, tailor their resume, and improve their networking and interviewing skills. All of this is done through one-on-one coaching sessions that Claudia facilitates at a very affordable price.

If an individual is not ready for coaching or wants to see what to expect from Claudia David, they can download her eBook for free. She has created a guide for job seekers to understand the current market and what they need to know before their next interview.

Do What You Love

At the end of the day, everyone wants to do what they love most. Job hunting can be extremely hard and discouraging—especially nowadays. That is why Claudia David has put her best resources and tricks together to help people who need it the most. If someone is looking to land the job of their dreams, they should hire her as their coach. With her experience, talent, and knowledge, and their passion, dreams, and skills, they will be able to ace any interview.

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